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January 11, 2008


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Dear Margie! What an honor to be the first person leaving a comment in your new blog. Your first post is so beautiful and smart and honest; it brought tears to my eyes. I love the name of your blog and the meaning behind it. I wish you all the best things in 2008 and I am so looking forward to visiting your blog very often! Your friend Elsita :)


really elegant and pretty heading you have on your new blog! Excited for you, looking forward to reading more, and will get a link from mine to yours:)


Looks like a great start. Now I need to hear that song.


it looks great mom.

Crystal T

I am excited for you! Looking foward to seeing your blog 'grow'.


Congratulations Margie for this great start!So interesting to know about the meaning of the name of your blog. Love your first article and wish you the very best****

And I am still thinking on what your friend said about the "what you enjoy to do with 5 years old...."
Think I can apply that in my life too. very interesting

I will visit often :)

jen j-m

congratulations - + a great start!


hey Margie! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm away from home till friday so I'm just quickly checking e-mails (and your blog) on my hosts' computer but will be back to ponder more later in the weekend ...

My background is chemistry, then enzymology/protein crystallography. Even managed to get published in Nature (after I left the lab and started on my art Foundation course!) but am right now the happiest I have ever been - and have no regrets either having done science first. Infact I think I'm better suited to be a mature student studying art, rather than a 18year old doing it ;)


Hello !
I discovered your blog yesterday, and I just love it ! My english is too poor to say how much "it talks to me" at this particular time of my life. Using "Fern" as the symbol of your creativity process is simply beautiful !
Long creative and blogging life to you !


You have such a lovely blog, I can curl up on my favorite couch, wrap myself with my favorite blanket, read it all day long and forget about my long TO DO list! (I might just do that!)

:) Marichelle


one year ago today... who would have known all that lay ahead! My heart is so filled with love for you and gratitude for all that you share!


I love that song. Just learned to play it on guitar. It brings tears to my eyes.

Alice Sailer

Es preciosa la historia del helecho, concuerdo en que es una gran lección... abrir los ojos y aprender, esa es la consigna!

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