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January 19, 2008


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THANK YOU SO MUCH MARGIE for sharing the story of the little boy with us. From experience and as a woman I can understand how amazing is the presence of a little person who leaves us suddenly. This presence stays with us forever and it grows in meaning as we get older. Happy birthday little boy! I am sure that wherever you are right now you are extremely proud of having had such an amazing life surrounded of love and care. Today your whole family is celebrating your presence!
Kisses from a new friend!
Elsita :)


OMG Margie. My heart hurts for you.


the loss and beauty bring me to tears. much peace to you.

Kim McCabe

Such a sad story, it's especially tough to read being a newish mum with an eleven month old little man of my own. you have a lovely blog and I enjoyed my visit :)

Kim McCabe
Curiouser & Curiouser Designs


Beautiful. That is a beautiful story - birth, death, growth. It's all so important. Thank you for sharing.


Such a beautiful remembrance of your special tree boy. It makes me cry. Love Helen


Here's to you, precious boy.
And a reach-out to your mother.


Here's to you, precious boy.
And a reach-out to your mother.


Thank you sweet soul.
Grow big and strong dear pine.
Oh Margie thank you.
Hugs from a distance.
Rane and baby

I am sending the little tree boy much love from afar as he grows big and strong with the pine and also his Mummy, Daddy and brother and sisters. I am so sorry not to have read this yesterday Margie and sent you a hug, your little tree boy is so beautiful.


Thank you for linking back to this beautiful and touching story. The spirit of your boy no doubt is with his grandmother. Warmth and love to all of you.

Lynn Lunger

Oh, what a poignant story....right now I feel that a little boy is sitting in the lap of his grandmother, under the shade of a white pine, and he is telling her stories of all the birds that have rested in the branches. She is listening and nodding and smiling....

Peace to you.

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andrea gutierrez

and the tree boy grows on...


I'm not sure if I can find the words to express just how deeply this touches me. My baby sister died when I was 5 and even though it was over 40 years ago, her magic is always with me. Thank you. Kim


Thankyou for sharing this beautiful tale of love, loss, and beautiful memories. I had somehow missed it previously, but I always knew there was something Knowing of Loss about you.

What a transformation your son has made, such a bittersweet joy to think of him so. Only those who loved him so could bear such sweet sorrow, knowing he no longer suffered.



oh, margie. i missed the post the first time around and am so touched. i will never see a white pine again without honoring the memory of the tree boy who was finally able to grow. xxx


dear margie, thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. i'm so sorry to have missed the story when you first posted about it. it's tender and heartbreaking. hugs to you and your family today. xxx

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He couldn't drink milk like the other babies in the family had and he didn't grow.

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i am so overcome with reading this story as well as all the stone diaries tales,I feel there is hardly anything I could possibly contribute that has not already been said or sent by way of gift to you...I have been wanting to create crocheted stones for some time after having seen them in your Etsy shop! (i had a brief stint on Etsy last year but my bracelets did not sell,and I gave it up) No worries,there hardly enough time to do the things I want to do anyway,and after doing battle with Breast cancer I am happy enough to sit and watch the grass grow!!!! I would still love to send you a stone or two,just to prove I was here,on this earth,if for no other reason at all...I could go on,and tell you about all the other reasons why I want to leave these covered stones where my beautiful Mother rests,as well as the graves of others who are precious to me,but I will leave you to the many tasks you have ahead. I was also wondering if there is a source you could recommend to learn the gorgeous doily techniques that I believe you may have used to develop your craft. If you can manage any time for my question(s)perhaps you could address it sometime;and let me know how I can send you the gift of my stones...thank you so much

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