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February 14, 2008


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It makes me happy! The photos are great and specially the one of your husband is highly appreciated! (sooo handsome). It is always so special to see your vision of life as a woman of science. You are unique!!!! I haven't met anybody like you!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Elsita :)


Happy Valenrine's Day! Thanks for sharing. Love your photos!


You made me laugh with this post! And oxytocin, powerful stuff indeed - Happy Valentines Day.


awwwwwww :)


Finally! I got you into my Bloglines. Glad I didn't miss this post. ;)

p.s. your blog address has typos over at Ravelry.


You are cracking me up- Was it the fumes or was it love? Tee hee!
He is rather handsome. Happy late Valentines!


Oh my gosh, lucky, lucky Margie he is a stunner! Oxytocin indeed, I felt similar when i first clapped eyes on Adam! A biological imperative!!! I remember how powerfully we were affected by Oxytocin after Ishi was born, we felt as if everything was wrapped in soft caramel, we even smelt the caramel! When I looked in the mirror my face was an amalgam of me, Ishi and Adam. Powerful chemicals indeed. Better than any drug. I'm so happy you pointed me here, I am going to have to try and persuade Adam to let me post a picture of him, a handsome husband face-off!!!

Alice Sailer

Muy romántica historia de ciencia y amor!

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