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February 08, 2008


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I saw these on flickr, and they are adorable. I need to get myself a washboard...


These are so beautiful Margie. I am coming to know my crafting limitations though and know I would not have the patience for this. Isn't that terrible?

I have seen your chicks on Flickr and they made me ridiculously happy!!


Awsome tutorial! I think I might do some felting this weekend. ;)

Your birds are so lovley!!


I love your chick!!! It made me ridiculously happy as well. Your crafting is spreading happiness across the country!


Wow Margie! Thank you sooo much for this tutorial!
This is a great thing for me to do with Natalie, I know that she will love it. The results are so sweet! They all make me happy!
Elsita :)


This is so cute!! I'm going to make them too..The kids in my class will love it!! Thanks for the great tutorial.


must. make. cute. eggs.


must. make. cute. eggs.


Your felted eggs are stunning. And I do like your collection of crewel and needlepoint. I too have a weakness for these pieces as I know how much time they take to make.


Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, it's exactly what I wanted! As soon as I finish writing this, I'm off to the kitchen to wet felt an egg.


This is so timely for me! Thank you! Just made my first one with some wool batting. We'll see how it dries up. My first wet felted thing too! I used my husband's bamboo sushi mat. Hope he doesn't mind! I got into a good rhythm for rubbing it on the mat. I cupped the egg is both hands, with one at the top of the egg and one at the bottom. Then cupping it such loosely, I rolled it over the bamboo mat, rubbing and rolling as I went along. It felted up pretty quickly once I started to do that. When I was just rolling without cupping the top and bottom, it wasn't attaining the correct "egg-like" shape. Now I want to try some with my pretty colored roving! Must feed my children first.


Fun! I think I've found a great project for the kids!


Hi! I found your tutorial and tried to make an egg last night. Unfortunately, while the outside of the egg was felted, the inside when I cut it open was not. Do you know why this would have happened? Did I not rub it long enough? Thanks!


Thanks for the instructions. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks so much for the great tutorial.I am doing an easter theme workshop for children with learning disabilities. This will be perfect.
Lovely to see that your work has inspired so many people.


this is the first time i have ever looked up a project.
i was visualizing felted nests and bisqued eggs- quail like randomness- for my playschool class tomorrow.
this is so lovely!
thank you!

Childhood Magic

Oh, thank you so much. These are so incredible! We made our own and I posted it on my blog http://childhoodmagic.blogspot.com/

Hallie Lindal

I was jsut telling my husband that I wanted to try this!!! thanks so much for the pics and tutorial!!!

Angela Harris

Wonderful tutorial! Love it! I can't wait to try it. I will be making these for my kids Easter baskets this year thanks to you :)
~Angela Harris

Angela Harris

Wonderful tutorial! Love it! I can't wait to try it. I will be making these for my kids Easter baskets this year thanks to you :)
~Angela Harris


Thank you for the tutorial! We tried wet felting for the first time and made beautiful eggs. One question though--How long do you usually rub the egg on the sushi mat before you are satisfied that it has been felted enough?



An Eggcellent tutorial (sorry for the pun I should've restrained myself but there you go...)

Really clear and inviting intructions I'm going to try these with the girls for their first try at making felt!

Many Thanks!!!


just happened across your tutorial, brilliant idea for my Grandchildren this easter, it's given me the jolt to start felting again !!!


I know this is probably a goofy question, but does the plastic egg stay inside your finished egg?


I also want to know if the plastic egg stays inside the wool egg.

Kerri Warmus

Thank you! We made these today and it was so fun!

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