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February 27, 2008


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It is not so much what I see but what I can hear. It is incredibly quiet where I live and right now I am listening to all the birds calling in the mist.

So wonderful.


I saw a flock of wild turkeys in Oakland, CA of all places. They were on the edge of a neighborhood and a multi-acre park, next to a freeway!


What a great post Margie!
Growing up in Cuba I saw lots of beautiful wild peacocks. I remember that the male ones had the spectacular feathers and the female were all black. They came to our backyard and walked around as if they were at home. My God! I would love to see them again!
Also like Mary I hear lots of little birds around my studio. Today one of them came in to visit and then it didn't know how to go out, I had to open all the windows. I miss wild nature a lot! In Cuba I used to take the train with a couple of friends and go far away where there was only nature; no people or houses, just trees and animal, those were the best times of my life!
Thank you for making me remember all these things!
Elsita :)


I haven't actually seen one since last June, but we have coyotes living across the street in an oil lease forest. They howl and yip and drive our dogs bananas!

Do squirrels count? We have a ton of them in our neighborhood, and rats too. Ick. Lots of birds around as well, we saw scissor tail fly catchers not long ago, very rare in east Texas.

You have an interesting blog, btw. Very nice!!

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