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April 15, 2008


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Happy happy birthday for your mommy! You made her a very beautiful elephant (almost the most beautiful, but I must admit that it is my son who made the sweetest elephant..
You have a nice blog, I must go on reading now haha!


Happy birthday, Margie's mum!!!!
what a lovely post, and a beautiful elephant!
It gave me great pleasure to pop you're mini embroideries in the post today, hope you enjoy them!



Wishing my sister blue skies, sunshine, love and happiness on her "BIG" birthday. You are truly "one of a kind". Your creativeness is amazing and infinite. Would really like to know your secret, how you can do it "ALL". A wife, mother, doctor, artist and photographer to name only a few. Mom will love her "pink" elephant...Happy Birthday Mom.
Lots of love Ann (Rick sends his love too)


Happy Birthday wishes to a beautiful family!
Your contextual elephant is deeply beautiful and you have my vote for the softie awards:)
And what an amazing photo set of you and your mom... babies and braids!


Happy birthday to your mom! This post is just lovely and so is the elephant. My mom loves elephants too!


Happy 92nd birthday to your mum! I'm sure she will love her gorgeous elephant. I'm really pleased to have come across your blog (via the embroidery group on flickr).


Happy birthday to your mom!

Emily D

happy birthday dear margie. hope the day is full of sunshine, birds and flowerbuds. the page looks beautiful today, and granny's elephant is just lovely, i'm sure she will love it. happy birthday to granny alice as well. love emily


You may not know this about elephants, but the oldest, wisest female leads the herd--that must be Alice! You are an amazing artist--happy birthday to you and your mother!


Happy Birthday Alice!!!!!!
Happy birthday Margie!!!!!
What a wonderful thing that you were both born on April 15!!!
How much I would love to give you both a big hug in person!!!!
Margie, how lucky you are! I hope that my Mom lives also many years like Alice.
Lots os love!!!!!
Elsita :)

Happy Birthday Margie. Your Blog today was beautiful. I am in love with that little elephant!!!You are amazing. Such beauty and creativity you share with us all.
Thank you.
Much love Kathy


Oh I forgot to say: Happy birthday for you too of course! And thank you for your nice reply on my comment!I bet your elephant is a winner, Alice is on softiescentral today!


happy birthday mom and granny! alice the elephant is even more beautiful in person.

Lynn in Tucson

I found your site (and Alice!) through a link from the Sofite Awards. Your post and back story make her all the more sweet. What a heartfelt tribute to your mom.

Happy Birthday!


I already have a lovely mushroom from you, so please don't enter my name, but I did want to wish your mother a very happy birthday as well as comment on your amazing elephant. I love your description just as much as I love looking at her. Memory circles! Brilliance!


I am a little late but...
I wish you all the best, for you, your mom and your sweet elephant.

*love* Maria

Anne Besner

Well, Better late than never. Please send Birthday wishes to your mom whom I've always admired. She's a beautiful lady inside and out.

PS. My name is Anne and I'm Ann and Rich's niece.

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