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April 06, 2008


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i love any project that involves cutting paper with scissors. it has a meditative effect on me and i swear my breathing and heart rate slow way down. i have never seen anyone cut the way you do, but with such beautiful results, why cut any other way? can't wait to see the finished project!


Your paper cuts are amazing!
What a silly home ec teacher you had... I promise to never be one of those teachers.


Margie, your cutting technique is so original (and with all my respects it really made me smile :) I can share something weird with you about myself and that's the way I type. I use only two fingers (one from each hand) and those fingers are the ones that you use when you want to make an offensive gesture...got it? You know, the middle fingers :o
To me this is the most natural thing in the whole world but when someone sees me in action they start laughing!! it looks weird to people but thank to that technique I can write you this comment right now!! I just cannot do it differently!
I am now part of the club!

Elsita :)


Oh my God. Someone cuts like me!!! Someone cuts like me!!! I am so happy. I 100% know where you are coming from. In first grade I was forced to go to therapy, because they believed it was an early sign of me trying to rebel against authority. DO you have any other random quirks?

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