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May 23, 2008


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The garden looks good. When will the lupins come out? Those ar my favourite.


I love your Rafflesia...my nine year old son is really fascinated with all things big and smelly. He had shown me a picture of it recently, so I had to call him over to share this post. The putrescine were his favorite part! I love your perennials
...anenome...primrose... your photos make me feel like I could reach out and touch/smell them. Your rhododendrons are a bit further along then mine and I forgot how much I love those first glimpses of fuschia.


I always learn something new when I visit your blog :o) Thanks!! What kind of flower is that inside the cabbage looking thing? Have a great weekend!! xox, Linnea

Elsita :)

Wow Margie!
I am absolutely fascinated with Miss Raflessia! This flower has such an amazing personality (including the smell). Imagine that some of them could be as tall as I am (which is not a lot for a human being but it is really A LOT for a flower). I loved the article about it in the link and the fact that this flower has no sex, no leaves or roots... it is just a wonderful natural curiosity. I would love to see this flower in person one day. I don't think that I have a vase for a flower like Raflessia but if I ever see her in person I will take lots of pictures.
Your drawing is so cute! I can see it as an embroidery pattern. On the other hand the photos of the other flowers are sooo amazing, specially the pink and white one with many petals, what a wonderful garden you have!
Elsita :)

Miss Paula

Today at church they had the largest Amarilla's. I think that's what they are called. Part of the lily family I think! They were huge and red!


that one of the irises and forget-me-nots is GORGEOUS. i am also wondering if that last flower is related to the artichoke.

Philippine flowers

Thank you for posting different kinds of flower,It makes me day complete.I love flowers.


Account Deleted

hi!!!...where can we f0und smelly raflessia???

Account Deleted

is therE raflessia here in philippines???

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