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May 28, 2008


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My favorite color! I love the color green for so many reasons...and I now I know it's good for me too!


I absolutely know that I would not have got through the last few months if I had not been able to get out amongst the green here in the mountains!


i live for green. thanks for the lovely post dedicated to it :)


that is really interesting and i believe it's true, that walking where it's green reduces stress!

Elsita :)

Oh Margie!
You are absolutely right. I believe in the healing power of the green energy found in nature. That's why I like to spend time in our backyard where 99% of the color is green. Then I love to discover the greens within the green. This is something that I learned from one of my art teachers many years ago. He took us to places where everything was green in order to do some watercolors paintings of the landscape and then he said: look at all that green and see how many different kinds of greens you can find in the landscape. And it was amazing, there is the green that is almost yellow, the other one that is almost brown etc. I still enjoy doing this kind of exercise.
Now, your drawing in the last picture is great! I really like it with all the little details. And I love the rest of the pictures, looking at them is a wonderful experience.
Thank you so much for this post!
Elsita :)

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