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May 26, 2008


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Gorgeous, just gorgeous!! Love those flowers too! And that photo with mr. bumblebee is the best!!


That photo shoot is amazing! And the shot of the bumble bee? Just icing on the cake.


ok, that was a sickeningly sweet post... i loved it.


ok, that was a sickeningly sweet post... i loved it.


Thank you for sharing such a lovely idea!
I really enjoyed these vignettes:)

Flassie's Fil'a

Beautiful and Lovely!

What is the blue flower with the white center and it looks like the flower crimps in the petels? I think they might be the ones in the park and I had some before given to me but never knew what they were.

God Bless and Have a Lovely Day!!!


I just love all of it...you are so creative! I must write about your blog so more people can read and look at your blog and photos!
Go for it!


the bumblebee photo is amazing. he is real, isn't he? if you ever made any prints of these, i would so buy photos 3 and 5...just lovely!


Love this! So sweet. I always like the tiny flowers but never have anything to put them in. Guess I need to get me some thimbles. I can't decide which of these is my favorite but the bumblebee and the bunny rate very highly.

Jamie Ferraioli

That is the cutest and coolest thing ever! I saw a picture of these on craftzine.com and had to come and read about it.

~*~ Patty

These thimble arrangements are just magical!!! I Love everything about them = WOW!!!

Elsita :)

OK, here I have to take a deep breath......................
This post makes me sooooo happy, it made me smile and the pictures in it went directly into that part of my brain reserved only for images that stay in my memory forever. Margie, what a sweet post! Now, your little (not so little) bee pet is so well trained! He just did what you asked him to do: go up there and stay still for the picture! Say hi to him for me and also ask the cat to learn some discipline from Mr. Bumblebee
Elsita :)




DOH! I have the most beautiful thimble I could do this with! What a great idea! Your tiny bouquets are lovely.


oh I adore this.. I just blogged about it too! So inspiring for springtime.

Alice Sailer

Los floreros miniatura son una preciosura... pero lo que más me gustó es la carpeta bordada con crochet azul en el borde... me intriga además, pues mi mamá tenía una igual, bordada por ella misma parte de su ajuar de bodas, (mas de 46 años atrás) .. . solo la forma es diferente, la de mi madre es cuadrada. pero los dibujos y el color del hilo del borde es exactamente el mismo. Pero mi madre vivía en un pequeño pueblo al sur de Chile cuando lo bordó (?????)

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