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June 17, 2008


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I love your rock babies! They're adorable!


Thanks for the tutorial. You're a pro! The most helpful photo is the one of your initial crochet stitches. As a newbie crocheter (is that a word?), I never know if what I'm doing is starting off right. I also love the baby with the shell hat.


Those are SO CUTE!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Thank you so much Margaret!!! :) I will try my hand at it today...
You should sell these in Etsy, they're adorable and I know many big and little girls that don't crochet would be so happy to own a rock baby!


These are so sweet. I bet one of these will be my first crochet project when I finally sit down to learn.


adorable idea ;)


Those are so cute! I have seen these rock treatments on flickr & I just love that look.

ana rosa

Hi there Magie!!
Your gift just arrived!!! Thank you so much! They are all beautifull! I still do not know what it will come up to mu mind to do with them...but I am really sad to cut the fabrics...because I just want to keep them as they are.
Can you just send me an email with your adress,
I am confused with some letters in the envelope you send me.

ana rosa

wowww !!! :) this rocks are gorgeus!!! what a nice idea to dress them up! It has a really nice estetical effct!

Ei! Kumpel

This is so wonderful, poetic, clever and lovely! I just adore this idea!

You're so creative!



This tutorial is the perfect project for me to make Margie! It looks perfect for someone like me who is not a crochet pro. Thank you sooo much for it! Now I have to say that the photo that melted my heart was the one with the baby rock wearing a shell hat!!!!! WHAT A CUTE LITTLE THING!!! I love your imagination!
Have a beautiful weekend my friend surrounded of snails, grass, stars, baby rocks and lots of family love!!!
Elsita :)


My Grandpa used to hand out little rocks in crocheted nets like this, but with a loop attached. They were weather rocks. With them he'd give a paper with the instructions. Something like "hang up rock outside and look it. If the rock is wet, then it's raining. If it's white, it's snowing. If it's dry, the weather's nice." I wish I could remember exactly....


These are just darling. Thanks for the tutorial, but how did you do the one that looks like a sand dollar?


Superb!!! I love your idea


These are simply adorable :) Thanks for the tutorial!


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very nice pics.. i love them

Sarah girl

This is a great idea for a baby shower, I especially like the seashell bonnet. I like your "out of the box" crochet projects. I just want to crochet everything!!! =) Sarah,

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Thanks for this tutorial now I personaly can make Rock Babies.

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Lol. Your rock babies are so cute !! :D

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Thanks. I have great pleasure this post. I'll try to do something like that!

Debbie McGiboney

I had gotten bored and in a crochet slump until I saw your babies! I've made two so far and it is so much fun - now I'm going to experiment on my own. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration! You are a true artist.

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Rock babies? Never heard of them before, sorry.

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Thank you for sharing. Was wondering if you could post a tutorial on how to completely covering the rock? As well as using different stitches? Thanks again. You have a wonderful talent.

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Mia Kirshner

Rather actually! Hey , wait a minute this baby has no face. I used black paint for the first attempt but for this little baby I used a fine permanent black sharpie marker.

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Those are so cute! I bet one of these will be my first crochet project when I finally sit down to learn.

Steve Jason

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