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June 24, 2008


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oh wow, i really love these! great idea, great work! only wish i knew how to crochet! :)


These are wonderful. I will have to go and collect some acorns as my daughter wants a necklace and also one for every friend of hers!!


They are very cute! Thank you.


These are adorable. I think Id' have to wait until the fall to make one myself, so I'd love to win one.


this is so cool! I found your site through craftzine.com :)


Great tutorial, I can see why you can't make just one. I already have several friends in mind who would go nuts over these necklaces...corny pun intended, of course!...Thank you for sharing!

Brenda Solis

Hello, i just found you blog and i wanted to thank you for posting this pattern, i will try and make one as soon as i get some acorns.
please enter me in your contest..so exciting :)


Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I grew up in the northeast, which meant beautiful fall colors and LOADS of acorns everywhere! Now I live in south Texas, and it's warm here almost all year long. The only trees we have are Chinese tallow trees, palm trees, and liveoaks, which don't have the same kind of acorns that the oak trees of my childhood had. Thank you so much for this pattern, because now I can have someone from up north send me a few acorns and I can make your pretty little acorn "cradles" and wear a reminder of not only my favorite season of all, but also of my very happy childhood. Thank you again for the pattern!



I LOVE it all!!!!


Oh! These are so cute! I'd love to win one, but if I don't, I'll give it a try myself! (and it'll give me an excuse to buy some smaller-gauge crochet hooks)


Oh, I'm not too late, am I? These are so very sweet. In the fall, I tend to have acorns I've found in my pockets. Around the neck would be even better.
Thank you for sharing!


this tutorial is fantastic. I'm going to learn to crochet tomorrow so I can run with this idea. I like the "micro" nature of this project (and not just because it's something I could finish quickly). My kids will love using this little necklace to hold gems and other treasure they find along the way.


I might be too late but I'll try anyhow-----count me in!!! I love these necklaces!


This is totally adorable and original!


I just wanted to let you know that I featured your tutorial on Indie Fixx today.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Jen ;)


So cute!


i cannot wait to make an acorn necklace! thank you for the wonderful tutorial.


This is so cute..but I would use wood..that way you won't have a bug problem..Just a thought..Have to admit they are adorable..


Wow - those are super cute!

Liberty Post Editor

Love, love this.


ohhhhh thank you sooooo much for sharing this,I am totally smitten!


Thank you for the tutorial. I saw the photo with a little stone in this collar, I just love it.


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Thanks for the works,I really likt it,hope can view more.


I Love your tut, I made one just now :)
I wanted to post a pic on my blog and put your link to the pattern but wanted to ask you first :)


I forgot to say I did not make necklace, I made a dangle Bracelet :D


I'm not really good at crafts so you know, I would just want to buy one for my sister... Where could I possibly get these?

Vintage Rings

Great! It seems just so natural and environmental, I like it!
I really love all jewelery made of natural materials that can be found at home or in the nature, Mainly because we can make some with the children..


very beautiful, these acron cases resemble my buttons for my daughter's shurg.

Josey Wiesmen

Ohh I love it!
These are adorable and so creative!

Elaine Kennedy

How cute - they would be so easy for senior citizen crafs. I live in the redwoods and we have plenty of oak trees, I will try one, although my crochet skills are limited. Thanks for the tutorial.

Gari Strawn

Love the idea and necklaces! Does it help my chances to win if I sing "O Canada"?


those are so cute and simple!

Sue Ananian

Do you sell these crochet acorn necklaces? I am not a "crocheter"! And would love to buy some for my daughters!


Oh my gosh! Acorn sweaters! These are so freaking cute. I want to learn how to crochet.


I love acorns. I remember when I was in elementry 1st grade I played under a huge acorn tree with my friends. There were many acorns. The acorns were our pretend playing house cooking in bowls and pans atrecess. I love the necklace going to make one for me and some for friends!

Ellen Cotter

I have always loved oak trees, every since I was a student at the University of Toronto (which has an oak tree on it's official shield). There are tons of huge oaks in the parks there, and I always seemed to be picking up acorns on my way home. Now that we're in Nova Scotia, my four-year-old daughter is the one with pockets full of acorns. This necklace is so original and beautiful and I can't wait to crochet one myself.




alas we dont have acorns in australia but i will endevour to make another type of nut fit , thank you very much for the great pattern, god bless!


Thanks for the tutorial, I love it and I posted it into my crochet blog www.lastejeymaneje.blogspot.com

Ricki Duke

I just found your site. I love the acorn necklace. I would love to have one. I have never learned the art of crochet. These are beautiful. Would love to have one.


Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/ in future post.



I found your Acorn Necklace while searching for crocheted jewelry ideas. I love this one.
I used to make angels with acorn heads so I have a word of caution for all your readers... Sometimes acorns have little worms living in them and they can eventually work their way out. I always bake mine for about 15-20 minutes in a 300 degress oven to get rid of them.


Hi Margie,

I love this little necklace! Perfect for Fall! I've linked to it from my site here:


Please let me know if that's okay and if I can link to your projects like this in the future.



I know the contest is over but I wanted to thank you for this wonderful tradition!


These are super adorable. I would love one!!! <333

vintage rings

This is such a creative idea! I think I'll go and search some acorns myself! I just hope I could follow all the instructions...

Pat Owens

Love this idea---had never heard they will keep you from looking old---maybe I should wear 2 or 3 all the time. lol. I have 5 oak trees and they are all full of tons of acorns this year so I have from very small to very large ones to do. Found you through another newsletter I subscribe to. Love this idea!!!

Serena S.

Oh, these are amazing! I wish I could manage crochet. *sigh* The hooks just don't get on with me for some reason. I even live practically in a grove of oak trees. It's a very well-done tutorial, though. *smile*

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