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June 20, 2008


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You've captured my transition state exactly. And my fantastic helper agent, Sarah, is working out so well--if I could just give up the guilt of not being there 24-7 with my kids, I would be a lot happier!


This is one of the coolest posts I've read in a long time!


ps, love the starfish pics, especially the attack kitty


Two things:

1st- I learn so many things just be reading your post and I love how you incorporate it into everyday feelings and life. Your photo shoots are so inpiring.

2nd- Where did you get that train set from? We want one for my daughter but perfered if it didnt have Thomas the train splattered all over it!


You couldn't say it better Margie! This post talked directly to my heart. Bill and I are experiencing some hard days around this time with all the official process regarding Diego's transition to the school system in September. Right now I got a little mad about something stupid that someone wrote in a report about Diego. Everyday there is something new coming out to makes us worry. We have a big meeting on the 25th about Diego and we are so stressed out about it. We know that everything will be OK in the end but the process is hard, dealing with a system that is not great.

Anyway my friend, on the other hand we are trying to make nice plans for the summer. I will keep your post in mind and I will try to take it easy. Sometimes I just want to be a snail :)
But I am happy to be a Mom!

Elsita :)


I love this post and I love your sence of humour!!!!!
I hope you and your kids are having a great, relaxing and cozy summer! I have NO plans for my vaccation...I take one day at the time and I´m so glad to be alive and a owner of a camera and a great portion of fantasy and humour! Oh, I hope my english is not to bad....perhaps I should work on that on my vaccation :)


An absolutely wonderful post Margie - great photos and really inspiring words (and I loved the soccer photos on Flickr too).

You teach me so much.

I wish you a glorious summer!

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