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July 06, 2008


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Miss 376

This is fantastic. Wish I could crochet so I could make a few


I have loved watching and reading about your journey with these crochet-covered objects. I like seeing how your creative process unfolds, thanks for sharing!

Elsita :)

What a GREAT idea Margie! The beauty is in how simple it is! This balloon must look so beautiful as a lamp in a little corner of the house. Thank you sooo much for the tutorial. My favorite step is when the balloon turns into an Artist from Paris. I think that that step is key :)
We are having a very fun weekend over here!!!!
Elsita :)


wow, I've been watching all of the little rocks and thimbles and such get covered in crochet over the last weeks (all very sweet) but this project takes the cake! i want a whole ceiling full of those little magical orbs. thanks for another wonderful idea.

Andrea (noricum)

Neat! (Don't leave it out in the rain, though!)


I've done something similar with papier mache over the balloon first, and then wrapped the yarn around it (I like a little softer light from my orbs), and I think it would work well with the crocheting too. I also leave mine outside, but I've sprayed it with about a dozen layers of clear coat.

Jess in MA

Oh, that's beautiful. The light was just gorgeous. I will have to try them, I will tuck this away for later. I am on a knitting kick right now.

Have you ever seen the work of George Oomen? He's an artist in Boston and he paints abstracts, and abstract landscapes that are inspired by the nature of his childhood home in India. They are very beautiful- maybe the art is in the name!



GREAT idea!!


How lovely! Definitely adding this to my to-do list!


beautiful... i would love a whole tree-full of them! ;)


this is sweet! it looks like you lit up a honeycomb!


I just love it!


How did I miss this the first time around(I read every day)?? Wowza!!

I was attempting to rock-crochet today and a friend asked what I was doing. I've directed her to your blog and I'm sure she's drooling over the goodness!

Molly, who has several 5 gallon buckets of river rock from North Carolina and a few that were too big to fit in the buckets.


Thank you so much for your clear instructions. I've got two porch lights and three indoor lights that need fitting up. I was going to do papier mache (with coloured tissue paper) over balloons, which gives lovely soft light - but after seeing your gorgeous orbs, I'll add a crocheted "frock" to each of them.


I was having a blue day when I happend across this delight filled light. The fun, well it's just a smile to the heart.I LOVE it.THe rocks too, all of them. Thanks for the Leave it outside tip. My Husband is very cautious about the risk of fire, so ... I want to try this so much! Maybe light with little christmas tree lights? I don't know how to find the patterns to make the nets and " doily types". I can knit and crochet.


I just love it ! Thanks for the inspiration, I will have to try it.



Shelley Noble

Simply divine. Subscribing!

Paige Orloff

Incredible. I've been pondering something, ANYTHING, to do with the miles of trashed baling twine hanging out in my barn...I think this might be its next life. I'll send pics if I succeed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Wow, so cool! Found via a tweet from @sisterdiane.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing.



cool idea totally love the bee hive (magical orb ?) haha ~ =)


This is SO beautiful. I love the things you do with and out in nature. Thank you!


You have such wonderful ideas - I really don't know where you learned this stuff.

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Yvette O

May I ask what sort of light did you put inside? I am guessing it wasn't a candle - but something electric?

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beautiful idea!

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It kind of looks like the skeleton of a swallows nest.

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All you need are basic crochet skills, a large crochet hook, yarn or string, watered down craft glue and a balloon of course.

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