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July 19, 2008


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Melissa de la Fuente

So beautiful! I have no idea but, just seeing the statue and the flowers on your flickr page and thought the inspiration was monet but,now I see that wasn't it! Whatever it is, it is absolutely beautiful!


I hope you are having a beautiful day at the beach. This set of pictures is gorgeous...they would make a lovely set of notecards/postcards, hint hint!
My guess is a lotus flower seed pod.


A sea urchin?


It kinda looks like Tordylium Apulum (Mediterranean hartwort) as seen here- http://flickr.com/photos/56848777@N00/2365263569

Very pretty!

Andrea (noricum)

A dandelion seed head?


Something from a tidal pool? I don't know why but it looks like a "sea critter" to me.

LOVED the pine cone post and the little pine cone man, he's adorable!

Andrea (noricum)

Other things it reminds me of are a sedge head, marsh grasses, queen anne's lace, and, looking at your June photos, lichen. :)

Andrea (noricum)

Oh... and one last comment... have you ever been to Churchill in the summer? You'd *love* the tiny wildflowers there!


Looks like a Cross section of DNA to me - hope you had a great day at the beach
xx chris


These are my favourite colours right now - the melon and turquoise. It reminds me of a snowflake or as someone else mentionned: Queen Anne's Lace. To be honest though, my first instinct was that it was a sea urchin sitting on some curly sea weed... Biology book, eh? an amoeba maybe...anyways, it's awful purdy :-)


Sweet pea flowers and veins and arteries - not so bizarre when one knows I watered the sweet peas and then scraped hand on raspberry canes.


some sort of microscopic pond organism? or spore? i really have no earthly idea, but i find it incredibly beautiful! :)


I think it looks like a beautiful jellyfish or some other floaty colourful sea creature. It is lovely.


Your work is so delicate, it's gorgeous !
It seems to be an urchin, one of those from the warm seas...


Your ballerina posing with the beautiful hat/bouquet are stunning! I glanced through my biology book, and your beautiful embroidery reminds me of a Lewis dot diagram of electron structure. But I couldn't find any atom or molecule that corresponded to your embroidery. As I've said before, I love how you mix art (in this case, a domestic art) and science. It feels like women are reclaiming science and medicine (didn't we use to be the herbalists and healers and midwives before medicine was professionalized?), which you've certainly done in your own life.

Elsita :)

Oh! I cannot guess here because I already saw the answer in your other post!!!!! :0 But if I had to guess before I saw the answer I would have thought that this was a school of miniature snails walking toward the queen red snail in the center. They need to ask her for advice about some important snail issue! But now I know that I am wrong!!!!!
Elsita :)

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