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July 17, 2008


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My favourite times this summer, as I live in a busy campground are the evenings and night time when the sun is not scorchingly hot, the land is caressed by the gently setting sun and all is slowing down. In a campground this means everyone is preparing meals outdoors and soon the campfires and awning lights will light the warm evening darkness - this is when I take the 3 dogs for a long walk(too hot in the day) and return to the RV just in time to light the summer candle pots I have created- as the last bits of sun set beneath the horizon - and enjoy a cuppa tea with a cookie while I crochet, embroider, or knit. Hubbie is out fishing at the ocean inlets. He comes home and tells me all his adventures (and there are always adventures) and we have a peaceful snooze.
Thank you for your beautiful and creative blog posts that begin my mornings beautifully.


I love these birch containers! I could use them for a lot of things.

Summer: spend as much time as possible laying in the grass and looking at the clouds. Also, watermelon munching!

Andrea (noricum)

Cute vases! (And thanks for reminding people not to rip the bark off trees... it always saddens me when I've seen that done, especially if the tree has died as a result.)

I *love* sweet peas! They're such a wonderful flower!


Love the birch bark vases!


I will download the birch tree paper.

When I stop being so distracted by the lovely purple adirondack and crochet rug!


Your photos are stunning, as usual. This post reminds me of Ontario and birch trees and making things from the bark - cups were high on the list. On Vancouver Island the equivalent is arbutus bark which falls away from the tree in honey gold and red strips. It makes quite a unique sound when it drops to the ground and makes one look around with a "what on earth....." thought.
Have a notion to bring home the next strips I come across and hang them from the small apple tree: fancy earrings.


Those vases are beautiful. Now I'm going to keep my eyes out for birch trees. I haven't seen any, but I'm sure they're there now that I'm awake to them. You encourage me to get out and play with and enjoy nature. Thank you :o)


At the moment I am waiting for my pears, peaches and plums to ripen. It gets to the stage where I actually think about bringing out a deck chair to sit among the trees so I don't miss a thing!

Also, swallow watching. But I need to find a way for them not to fly into the house, which they are prone to do on occasion. Yesterday, my house looked like a scene from "The Birds" - all the swallows were flying above my head!

I like the birch vases. Not sure we have any birch trees around. I have to take a nature walk to find out what types of plants and trees abound in my area...


These are so beautiful! I featured this tutorial on The Crafty Crow :) I couldn't find your email but if you contact me I have a special button for contributors to send to you. Thanks so much for a great idea and a beautiful and inspiring blog!

heather jane

I just walked by the neighbors house and saw lots of bark on the ground around his tree. It's darker red so I know it's not a Birch, but that would be very cool, too.

Thanks for the idea...found your blog through crafty crow.

Elsita :)

These birch containers are so pretty Margie, they look so fresh. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I don't have a birch tree around here but I loved the picture that you posted. What a beautiful surface, it looks like handmade paper.
Elsita :)

And of course the little snail couldn't resist the beauty of the flowers and the vases! :o


Your birch containers are lovely Margie! Thank you for the tutorial, which makes the process so simple. Now, I just have to find some birch trees by my house! :) How can Pottery Barn charge $30 for their birch vases, which I sincerely hope are from fallen trees or peeling bark and not the living tree!

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You really have to be very creative to pull that one off.

Ajf 4

The sky is clean clouds returns the love of the earth mother!


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