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July 14, 2008


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Every one of your posts contains new inspiration that is absolutely thrilling. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creations!
I'm especially taken with the bowl made with natural materials included. It reminds me of an artist I stayed with who watched me making pot-holders on a loom and said, "Now that you've mastered the technique, go outside and get some natural materials and make another one."

sharon ferguson

yeah yeah yeah! i am so honored. I never win anything! your work is so sweet and so darn cute. i have a soft spot for mushrooms. I can't wait to show it off. your tissue paper experiment was great. have you ever tried streamer paper? the rolls you hang for parties and such? I knitted a crown for a school auction that took a little getting used to but eventually worked out. If you wanted something longer than the sheets of tissue or wanted to not change colors. The tissue paper sounds like it wouldn't break as much as the crepe streamer. i will have to give it a try. Thanks again.


I adore the lavender and cotton bowl. I wish I was home with my former garden so I could do the same but I'll have to just enjoy the RV life and live vicariously through you for my Ontario fixes. The sweet gum balls..do we have those in Ontario? They are everywhere here in Virginia and our poor Greyhound Charlie gets them stuck in his big feet - ouch! He stops cold until mommy or daddy extracts the offending prickly nasty thing- ever since this I have a harder time displaying them as nature decor (in reverance to Charlie...)
Thanks for a blissful weekend of peeking into your experiments.


I love the result of your experiment. That mushroom is AWESOME!


i think the lavender bowl is lovely and it reminds me to make some lavender wands sometime soon.


love the lavender bowl. i think a nice big wide-brimmed hat made like that would be very aromatherapeutic!

Elsita :)

Margie, your creativity is something great to witness from this blog. I really enjoy how you are always exploring new things and experimenting with all kids of materials and ideas. You still have that sense of natural exploration that children have. Thank you for that, it is a great source of inspiration for me :)
Elsita :)

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