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July 01, 2008


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A Canadian Squirrel postman. I may have that image in my mind forever.

I've been twice to Canada, and both times I have been ready to move there. Victoria, BC, is a perfect place in every way. Clean, quiet, with tons of natural areas to get lost in so close to town. My dream place to live would be at the Butchart Gardens. And of course I'd pop over to tea at the Empress Hotel every day. And I wouldn't get fat because of all of the gardening I would be doing.

The other beautiful place I loved was Quebec City. My husband and I had a very romantic time there a few years back. The most moving experience was watching a gorgeous fireworks display--Les Grand Feux--at Montmorency Falls Park right on the river. So gorgeous! And going to Ile de Orleans and eating the most delicious meal I've ever had in my life, accompanied by some delicate creme de cassis.

Thank you for helping me remember these lovely experiences!


Ha, yes. My prof says we're very apologetic too. When he was here to interview for the job or something they were on a trail walking and someone started coming down a hill on a bike. So the walkers all quickly moved out of the way but the biker moved too and ended up crashing. And then even though the biker was the one that got hurt, he apologized to my prof and everyone for scaring them.


well i'm sure the furniture would apologize to us as well, if it could! (at least the locally handcrafted kind... ;)

Friederike! & Sandra

happy birthday canada. you are a beautiful country. love the pics that you are sharing here, margaret.


Hi margie,
It was great to have you visit this past weekend. I am beginning to appreciate what you are doing with your camera. You are refining our sense of the beautiful. Thanks for the reflections.

Elsita :)

Margie, I LOVE CANADA and what I love the most about your country is THE PEOPLE. When I was still living in Cuba I met a wonderful Canadian woman who is one of the most special people I know (just like you). She has been working for some canadian company in Havana for years. I first started learning about Canada through her, she is so sensitive and deep and human. My first trip to Canada was a few years ago with Bill and Natalie and I had the best time ever. It was around the Toronto Film Festival. We did so many things in a week! Then I went back a couple of times around the same time during the film festival. I only have good memories about Canada, the people were so nice and sweet and friendly. If I could just move over there I would do it immediately! Who knows! Maybe in the future!
Viva Canada!!!!
Elsita :)

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