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July 18, 2008


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Thank you, Canada, for saving the forest that is precious to our entire planet!

Thanks for the pine cone seed idea!

Margie, your Little Boy That Became a Tree, is so, so sweet. Your fine embroidery and his form capture his essence so well. Having read the story you wrote about him, I can see why he is so precious. It was the most poignant story I've ever read, and I have passed it on to another person in a similar situation.


Nice collection of the different types. I really like how you captured the radial pattern. Even though spruce don't use pine in their common name, they are still in the pine family, Pinaceae, so it's not so strange that they are still called pine cones. There are also cones from cedar and hemlock which are both pretty small. I have pictures of both in my flickr stream, cedar cones were as close as flowers as i could get in the winter :)

I can't wait to see crocheted cones


What a cute little tree boy. I love his hat and the little details. It looks like a pinecone and little leaves at the same time. Have a lovely outdoorsy weekend!


what a lovely collection of cones! i think i may have just been inspired to paint a picture..

Andrea (noricum)

I have a bunch of round pine cones I collected from my neighbour's yard that I'll be making into simple Christmas tree ornaments. :)


I really like seeing your collection of different types of cones! All the different shapes and sizes. Andy your pine cone softie is adorable - his hat is a nice touch!

Elsita :)

I also loooove pinecones Margie!
We have thousands of them around our cabin up in the mountains and the kids love to play with them. Natalie loves to collect them in her little basket and then she just puts them back outside again. This time we found a HUGE one, I have never seen such a big pinecone, so beautiful. And then some of them are so tiny. As you said, they all come in different shapes and sizes like people :)
I love your collection!
Elsita :)

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