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August 27, 2008


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purple petunia

Ahh!! The bear's coat!! The mossy trim!


Oh you are amazing!!!
Thank you for sharing with us:)
I am quite taken with this collection and enjoyed seeing your process from start to finish.


I saw the bears had removed their coats and wondered...... global warming. It is a serious issue - but oh I like the whimsy and fun in your 'expressions'. I particularly like your trees - they look so - well, WEARABLE! I can see the shape translated into a coat with hood....


Oh my goodness... Margaret, these are AWESOME! I have been keeping up with your polar bear progress, and every time I see your little scenes, I am so impressed. What a great project with a really important cause. Good luck opening your etsy shop... someday, I'm going to do that, too :o) Take care & have a great Thursday!


Oh, an Etsy shop of Margie-made items!! I'm hoping that it will be open before Christmas, so I can spread your wares to the people I love!

The whole set is amazing, but I love your sweet polar bear mama with her moss-lined coat and her little green baby in her hood.


This whole process you've been sharing with us is fascinating. I am in awe of your creative processes from the concept to the execution. I especially love the Mama bear and her expression of motherly joy in her babies. The moss-lined hood on her coat is especially pleasing to me. All your ideas were so well crafted and a joy to see unfold. Wonderful, wonderful experience for us all. Again, THANK YOU for sharing!
Denise Leavens


ohh the last green bear is definitely my favourite.. i just want to give it a hug :)

Melissa de la Fuente

Wow! This is simply amazing....
I adore it.


Bon voyage little bear plushies - wonderful. Great idea about the cards.


Beautiful, soulfull, craftswoman work. Bravo!


Congratulations Margaret for this beautiful project.

All the little bears are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us.


I can't get over how imaginative these are! I especially like the way you knit the trees!


found your blog recently, i can't remember the exact link. but i must say, i wish i'd found it earlier as i'm in lurve!!!

the bears are fan-freaking-tastic. i could totally see them starring in a book on global warming.

as a participant in the very first plush you, i also want to say congratulations, and your work is amazing!!

surely you know that some polar bears have turned green, due to algae infestations...it happened in singapore in 2004. articles can still be found online for folks that are interested....


I love them, too! You did a great job on the ice. The last melted one is perfect. I love the green bears and their expressions. I started watching the BBC Earth series last night. It starts with a Mama polar bear emerging from her cave with two little babies, so I thought of you, of course!


They are so poetic and have a real poinancy about them. This should be your real job. Thanks for sharing

Melissa H

I was just catching up on your blog and enjoyed this whole series and the message behind the work. Your plushies are great! glad you got them done in time.

Elsita :)

Congratulations my friend!!!!!!!!
Your participation in the Plush You show is going to rock the event!!! Your bears and the meaning behind them are going to show the world how we can talk about important issues with beauty, creativity and a fresh vision.
I wish that I could be at the opening!!!!
All my best!


tooo cute. I can see how you could play with them...!


How amazing! I really hope that you do make some cards, I would love to use them as my Christmas cards this year! Keep us posted.

I'll definitely be heading to the show on October 10 and will look for your bears. I am so happy for the money to go to the David Suzuki fund - he's amazing.

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