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August 25, 2008


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Your work is wonderful. So pretty, lots of nice details and super original! You will do great (more than great I'm sure)at the show!!! The David Suzuki Foundation is also my favorite :)


I love it! Especially the blues you incorporated into the iceberg!

The green on mama bear's coat looks like she walked through some moss and it clung to her coat. So pretty! (Although not the desired outcome in real life.)

I'm sure you're going to do awesomely at the show!

Judy K

The Polar Bear set is wonderful! So cute, I think it will sell quickly. Good Luck!


I'm blown away!! All of the pieces are perfect!


so lovely...
my daughter saw this post, and exclaimed "oh, mama, greens! polar bear! it's what i want to be!"


They are beautiful. I love the baby's expression, the iceberg colors, the mama's coat. I can't wait to see the rest! I've been thinking about making things to sell lately, too. I am constantly making things, but never selling them. I think I fall in love with my projects! I am getting inspired by all of the amazing etsy crafters, and want to sell something, too.


Everything about these polar bears is breathtakingly beautiful...
Your attention to detail shine in the project from the blue swirls in the ice burg to that winter coat with the pointy hood/pouch trimmed in boucle! The ice, I mean mirror, was an ingenious platform for your shoot. What a wonderful way to test your feet in the selling world.
p.s.Of course, I love that baby bear cub and am grieving about his "green-ness"!


this one turned out really nicely! i can't wait to see the others.


i would buy this book if you wrote and illustrated it with your lovely creatures!!! i love the forlorn look of the little green baby, and momma's coat + pointy hood are just the best. i'm sure that you will be a hit a plush you. :)
and i won't offer any tips on pricing because i am horrible at it myself. i'll be curious as to what other people have to say.


ummm, sorry...that should have been "at" plush you! i guess that maybe i should use the preview option next time. ;)

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