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September 07, 2008


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Oh my goodness! Your snail sweaters have made my day.


Oh Margie, I am enchanted!!! Sweaters on snails. A kids book!!! Think of the conversation(s) amongst those mobile jewels. But that's 'work'. Pure enjoyment of the notion and the actuality. And I am curious - how does one "turn on a wood stove"?

Christina J.

It sounds like you are having the perfect sort of morning. And the photos from your walk last night are wonderful! I love the little snail sweaters. You think up the most lovely projects! I always want to learn how to knit and crochet when I read your blog. Thanks for a bit of enchantment to start my day!


You have very cooperative snails!! I love all of the fungi fotos!


I really love your mushroom photos! Now that I live in the desert I miss out on so many things like that - the forests, fields, and meadows I grew up with.


This is one of the most magical things I've seen!!! I'm totally in love with it -- your creativity and appreciation of nature is so wonderful. :)


I am ashamed to say that when I saw the first picture of the snails wearing sweaters that I you had PhotoShop-ed them in the picture. It wasn't until I saw the rest that it finally dawned on me that you truly had dressed the snails! As Patricia said, you have very cooperative snails. Proof of the wonderful relationship you enjoy with them.
I LOVE your blog!

Margaret Oomen

Hi denise, That is so funny because I wouldn't even have a clue how to photoshop sweaters onto snails. I would definitely need the assistance of my teenage daughter for that task. It was must easier to make the tiny sweaters and get my top model little slimy friends to do a photoshoot. Yes, this is definitely the real thing an the latest in snail fashion for fall 2008


Love your fungus photos! I can't wait till it's cool enough where I live.

Very neat that you can train those snails to model for you. ;-)



The fungi are stunning - I love the first photo best, although the slimy dripping one does stir the imagination.

And the snail sweaters? What the? What on earth possessed you to think of/try such a thing? Do they seem to mind? They are quite adorable though!


Snail cozies! so clever!
Thanks for being so generous with your tutorials and lovely photos. I really enjoy them.


shut the front door. that is ridiculously cute.

going to vote for you RIGHT NOW!!!


I cant stop smiling!
You are a very funny and creative woman, Margie :)
And you had a great time in the wood to, thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos with us !


I LOVE the snail sweaters! I'm off to work out how to make some! They're So cute!!!


Snail cosies ?!!! 'OOooOhhh ! Trop mignoooooon !!!' (my daughter and me in one voice )et les photos sont superbes aussi, merci Margie :)


I can't believe what happens when I miss a day of your magical blog! You are truly magic...I loved your shrooms...but the snails just had me gasping! You are wild and crazy and totally amazing!!!!! Thank you for keeping enchantment alive and well! I'm off to go vote!!!


omg, the snail sweaters are so cute!


Hi, I know this is a weird way to do this but I couldn't find where to contact you. I have a blog about my favorite handmade items and I just cannot get enough of your crocheting in nature: I especially love the snail sweaters and beautiful lace rocks! I was hoping you'd agree to be featured on my blog and tell me a bit more info about yourself. Please contact me at kristink_64 [at] yahoo.com. Thanks!

creative busy bee

Those snail are sooo....cute with beautiful sweater.


Arrived at this site from a post about snails and I am insanely curious: did the sweaters actually keep the snails from going into hibernation?


These are AWESOME! I just want some little pet snails for the kids, but the potential of knitting sweaters? Fantastic! HEHE

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