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September 01, 2008


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Kristin La Flamme

Hmmmm. My first thought was a circuit board, but that wouldn't be inspired from nature, would it? So, I'm guessing, based on the way the shapes touch in the center, that your inspiration was DNA.


I think it looks like a cut away leaf in profile.

I greatly enjoy your blog.


I take that back, I think it looks like a cell membrane.


Cellular cross-section of a leaf! Nice rigid cell walls & such lovely little chloroplasts :).

I must do more embroidery; the details look so satisfying.


It definitely looks like a slide prep of an onion skin or a plant leaf cross section to me. So we are looking at the microscopic view.

Love the nuclei! How creative! Green is the theme of the month!


It looks like photosynthesis :o) That's my guess!!


Plant cells! A plant in cross section?


It's gorgeous, Margie! I would guess a cross section of a monocot leaf with stomatal cells. Is photosythesis happening, with CO2 and light entering the cells?


Hi...delurking here. This looks to me like an interpretation of plant cells undergoing photosynthesis. It also looks to me like it's lovely.


My guess is plant cells going through mitosis. Love the one at the end caught dividing. :)


It looks like the microscopic structure of some sort of plant...a fern maybe ;) I dunno, but I love it!


My brain is working but I canĀ“t give you any answer....hmmm.
But your work is beautiful!


looking through all your comments my initial thought is so so differentto everyone else... i see the inspiration as being a secret walled garden.. though i have just finished a book about a forgotten garden... maybe this is what i wish to see.
beautiful work.
warm wishes


i also want to guess something in the plant world...hmm....or maybe algae?


This is so fun and funny. Your the fun part...I'm the funny one. When I first looked at it, I also saw some sort of garden overview (maybe like Ginny), but after reading through your comments I had to giggle at how unscientific my brain is. So I did a little google research, and would agree with the plant cells undergoing photosynthesis theory. I really love how you blend science, nature, and crafting with such obvious joy and pleasure. Your work is always filled with lovely details and unique inspiration.


Just can't stand my little typos! That "your" is obviously a "you're"


Plant cells!


I recognized the plant cells and photosynthesis, too. It is lovely.


i would definitely have to agree with the majority on this one ;)and i also love the cell nuclei.


oh, wow! conjugation in spiragyra? Some kind of green algae. conjugation for sure. conjugation is their method of sexual reproduction, to exchange genetic material between filaments as this type of green algae lacks motile gamets. LOVE this. I wish our slides in the lab were so clear! This is so awesome!


Damn, wish I'd gotten here earlier. Spirogyra was my first thought, soon as I scrolled down to the third pic.


Wow you have present such a great talent here!I am really much surprised to see your great creative work ..


Hm I think it is a bunch of trees bordering a wall.

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