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September 22, 2008


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This is so very beautiful! It makes a great toy for my girls, they love soft textures, they could bend and form it into its different shapes, they would love it, I'll soon make some for them, lovely!


I love it!!! It would make an adorable purse brooch too.

A few years ago I made a couple of scarves following a similar techniqe. Just make a chain(longish), turn and single crochet back across in each space. Then turn and do two single crochets in each space. I did 2-3 more rows of this(depends on how thick the yarn is) and it makes a lovely ruffley scarf! I finished off with a silky fun fur stuff called KISS that made it extra cute.


The comments of family members are always the bonus! "Hair scrunchie in a measuring cup" has me chuckling. Not just beside the sink...in a measuring cup....to add to the wonder. Children of artists do have opportunities to have their imagination stretched! My sons found the "this is not fudge - it's soap" sign in the frig on top of a bowl funny - and disappointing! Thanks for the simple explanation of the fibonacci sequence! Hyperbolic crochet.


i love this! can't wait to make a few - and you reminded me to take a short walk and take some pictures of the coolest fungi growing in our hood. also - i made a few of your acorn baskets and reverse engineered your pattern to make acorn caps - hope you don't mind :) i'm posting the results tomorrow. thanks!

I tried this yesterday (when I should have been studying or doing my homework!) and it looks so great! I made a test polypore in lime green, but I want to make a lot more to make nice brooches or to stick on hair slides (or whatever you call them)
Thanks for the tutorial!


Ummm...I always thought the fibonacci sequence was 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.... Isn't made by adding the two last numbers in the sequence to get the next number? Sorry.

Andrea (noricum)

Why do you refer to this a Fibonacci sequence? (Although I see that you've removed that reference now.)

Math is fun, but not all math is Fibonacci. ;)


made me smile.

James Barclay

When I first saw a photo of the Crochet reef it blew my mind. Art meets Environmentalism meets Science and Mathematics. I saw you on TED Talks Ms. Wertheim and I heard the Podcast of you and Jim Carter at the L.A.P.L. Both were great and, yes, I did save them on my PC. Jim sent me a book and the poster. I'm very grateful for you both. Thank You.

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