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September 17, 2008


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Very cute! I'm going to have to make one for myslef :)


I think you are that magical woman of the woods!


First of all, this bonnet is just lovely.

Second, I adore your idea about fairy tales. I hope you do re-write that and share it with us!


I just found your blog and love love all of your wonderful tutorials! Thanks so much!


Oh Margie! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this. I am making one today. Thanks so much for the fantastic tut!


I think you have a book to write! Love the bonnet.


Oh, do rewrite some tales...please. I agree wiht bluemountainsmary: YOU are the wise woman of the woods...and we are all so lucky to have stumbled upon your cabin. Thanks for the many teachings you share!


I love it. God, woman, how do you find the time?



I agree that this is a fairy tale bonnet! Your comparison to Gretel is spot on!


like so many others, my first thought was, "why, she IS that woman!" i would absolutely love to see you write + illustrate such a story. with all of the mediums that you work in, that would be one captivating book that my girls and i (and i daresay, my husband, too!) would thoroughly enjoy. keep us posted on that, please! :)


Easy instructions and this is a project that is so versatile and can be addapted in so many ways. Thanks!


That is flippin' great!

Mary Corbet

This is great! It would be a neat project for embroidery embellishment, too. I love the color of the felt - and the lining fabric is gorgeous!

Allison (CodeCrafter)

Just found your tutorial from the post on Crafty Crow. This bonnet is sooo cute. Thanks for the tutorial!


I'ved tried printing out the pattern twice and it doesn't come out right. :( Perhaps I am doing it wrong? Rgardless, I'm still going to attempt to make the bonnet. Thanks for the post!





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I made this bonnet several times since your tutorial. The only thing I changed is that I sew the lining and the hat body together, right sides together and leave the space between the darts open and then I turn it. I think the pinking looks cuter, but I Don't own any pinking shears. It still looks adorable.

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Oh sweety !! i love that reversible bonnet, I will made one for me and other for little daughter.

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