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September 18, 2008


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I would LOVE to join the guild!

And you made a beautiful symbol for us. :)


Congratulations on your Indie Fixx Craft Off win! Woo Hoo!!! Hip, hip, hooray! You deserve it.

A great idea, the guild. Good stewardship of the forest is a very pleasing concept to me. I have always found the forest healing, enchanting, and magical. Learning stewardship of the forest while having fun with like-minded creative blogsters sounds good! Hereby signing up as a charter member of the Guild of the Forest Fern. Your embroidered emblem is beautiful, Margie.


Count me in as a foreign member of the guild.

And Margie huge congratulations on your win!


I love that idea!!

And your work and your pictures showing all the little things you make, are so cute. I love it.


Congrats! And I'm in!


Hello! I found you through Lime'n Violet's Daily Chum - and I'm so glad I did! Your work is really great (I would love to be part of the guild) and the photography is fantastic! Looking forward to reading more!


Well done on your win. You deserve it, you are very talented.


What a treat it would be, to be included in the guild. Your work and words are just marvelous! ~H


CONGRATULATIONS on your prize. You're so talented, you deserve it. Count me I.N. for the Guild!

Excitedly yours, Melissa


So happy you won...deservedly so! I would love to join the Guild of the Forest Fern. What a perfect emblem you've created. Every day gets more and more exciting over here!


I'll join you!

Congratulations on winning! I can't wait to see which won. :)


I would love to join! I just knit a scarf (Jade Sapphire cashmere silk blend--delicious to knit) using the 'Fern' pattern from the vogue stitch books. And I love ferns, too!


Congratulations!!! On both the prize and for instigating the Guild of the Forest Fern! Yes, add me to the founding members list, please. I live in the Fernwood neighbourhood (which tends to attract people who want clotheslines and gardens and bicycles and tree garmenting ((sort of like the Beaches in Toronto back in the Eighties!))) of Victoria so this is most appropriate. I look forward to 'meeting' my fellow Guilders.


I love this! And am officially joining with my daughter Marian (next commenter). We'll work on our own embroideries today...


congratulations dear margie on the win.. i'm sure there are many more to come. i usually try to read your blog with my coffee before i go to school in the morning... and it is a lovely way to start my day. so many projects in the last little while. i don't know how you do it. i haven't had any time to try any but i'm sure as colder weather sets in here in winnipeg i will get a chance. the forest guild is such a lovely idea... it fits perfectly in my week as it is the sustainability festival at my school this week. i'm off for a free breakfast of organic fair trade coffee and organic buckwheat pancakes. yummm.

love emily


[mom asks: shall we join?]
"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

[after deep pondering of what her comment should be, carefully dictates:]"I will like to join guild of the forest fern! I think it will be very nature. And I am sure I would like to join guild of the forest fern."


Oh, I'm definitely in. I'm a beginning crafter in general but am behind the guild's founding principles for sure.


count me in :) and congratulations!

p.s. i love the fern antlers!


oh, i am so in, margie! your emblem has won my heart. what is it about ferns that is just so very magical? everything that you create is so amazing that i am not the least bit surprised that you won...congratualtions! xo


Hi! I wold like to join! My mom and sister joined while I was at school and they just told me about it. I'm not too crafty, but I like nature and have a very crafty family, so my mom thinks it will be OK. I can make fairy furniture!


Sign me up! .......oh and Congrats. :)

Crafty Gardener

What will joining the guild encompass? I would most certainly be interested. Congrats on the win and your scapular is wonderful.


I would love to join the guild!


I would love to join the guild!


I would like to join the guild. I am in Massachusetts though... does it matter?


I'm in. Raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan, forests having always been a magical place for me. Now I'm in the Pacific NW and have forests on my doorstep.


I'm in. What a lovely symbol!


I'll join the guild (although the word guild always reminds me of the Lollypop Guild; the tough-guy munchkins from The Wizard of Oz). I'm sure our guild will be a little different!


awesome on all fronts!

can i be in?


I would love to join the guild.


Yes please! I would love to join the guild!


congratulations sister you are an inspiration ! I would love to join the guild .


Just found your blog today and I love it! Please count me in for the guild!
Totally wonderful idea.

Christina J.

What a great idea! Count me in!


Congratulations to you on your win! I would love to be part of the guild. Thank you!

Hey, I'd love this! I'm in Iowa does this matter to you?


Oh yes, I would love to be a member of The Guild of the Forest Fern! Congratulations on your win, it is spectacular as always :)


This would be a wonderful idea. Count me in? Belinda


I'd love to join the guild. My little girl wants to know if kids are allowed.


i left another comment but i don't see it with the others. i would love to be a member of the guild.


This is a wonderful idea, I would love to join. :D

Tracy Petley

Congrats on your win. I love your guild idea. How do I sign up?


me too!


I'd be honored to be a member of The Guild of the Forest Fern. Your works and words are an inspiring font of serenity.


Oo-oo me too, me too! I am a forest dweller as well ( only since the last three months, but I am loving it). I love the idea of the guilt!


Yea for a fun new guild! I would gladly be a dutiful member. I could felt toadstool cozies, paint the fall leaves multiple hues, or stitch little quilts for burrowing animals... you know, whatever it takes! If you are taking junior members, my little fiddlehead loves the forest and your embroidery: "she made it quite good!"


Love your blog -- love the name, idea and logo of the guild, too! Please count me in as an acting steward of the North Carolina mountain forests.


Count me in! What a great idea. Can't wait to see where this leads.
Nice to see so many like-minded folks. I'm going to have to check out who the other members are when time permits.

Your Impact Matters

OMG I so want to be a member of this. I grew up in the mountains, and miss them terribly. I live in the country still...surrounded by trees on an oasis of gorgeous land surrounded by farm fields. I do miss my mountains, though. However, I have my own little forest here, filled with wonder and delight - and my daughter just swears we have a whole band of fairies here including Queen Mab herself!


Dear kindred spirits, Please can I join?

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