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September 14, 2008


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Christina J.

Little marmot Maggie is so cute. I had never heard of the marmot before now. My son and I are going to read up on them now!

Eva Krzeminski

Marmots are cute! and I also had never heard of them before- I'm glad you brought them to my attention and I hope they do not go extinct. If I happen to win little Maggie, I will also donate $10 to the marmots :D Thank you for raising the awareness!


Living out in New Mexico last year, we heard marmots calling from the talus slopes in the Pecos Wilderness. We were & are so fascinated by the niche they've carved out for themselves.


So CUTE! I love that you are donating based on comments...and I just wanted to thank you for your tutorials. I just made a mess of coffee cup cozies and it was fun and easy (and I made one that was a little bit too small--perfect for a bottle of beer!). I loved it!

Judy K

Hi, I just love Maggie! I was feeling blue, two of the dogs keep fighting and we may have to give one up, I read a sad blog...and then little Maggie showed her face in your hand...so sweet. Thank you for the smile.


thanks for educating me on the plight of the marmot! it's wonderful that you are raising money for the cause... animal-related organizations are the ones that get all of my charitable giving!


Very cute Marmot! I really like the pics of Maggie with the scenery :)

BTW I did a post the other day on my blog about my favorite blogs and I mentioned yours!

Kristin La Flamme

Maggie Marmot is adorable!


I had a much different picture in my head of marmots than cute Maggie the Marmot. I hope the group is able to accomplish its goal! I'm sure they appreciate champions like you spreading the word!


awww, marmots. we see a lot of them here in montana, they are pretty cute!


What a wonderful thing to do! As always you are an inspiration!


I don't think we have marmots in Australia - I certainly have never heard of them before. This is such a wonderful idea - I am sure your donation will be useful.


I have been without a computer for a few days so how lovely to come back to you and find Maggie.

Your spirit is amazing !


Your little Marmot Maggie is beautiful, so full of character.

Of course the real ones are too. Great idea!


Your Marmot is so cute!
I love all of your tutorials ~ I haven't tried felting yet; but you are encouraging. Thank you very much for all of them!
I appreciate that you are donating to the marmots based on the number of posts!
Have a fantastic day!


Your site is truly an inspiration, creative and with a true conscious. Go marmots!


You're generosity is inspiring.


Awww! Maggie is so cute.

Thank you for telling us about the poor Vancouver Island marmots.

Laura A.

What a great idea! Even if I'm too late to increase the donation, I wanted to let you know that I love your work. I've supported the marmot foundation in the past, so thanks for the reminder--I'm going to send in another gift when I can.


What a cutie! I just found your blog and can't wait to see more of your projects.


You work magic with your fingers. Maggie is adorable!

wow,how did you manage to knit such an excellent little marmot, that's amazing! thank you for your great tutorial on log-making, we're going to try it tomorrow.


Living here on Vancouver Island - I Brake for Marmots....well, I would were one to be crossing the road.
It is a worthy cause. Good for you!


Maggie is sweet!

I hope these marmots make a rebound and grow in number!


Wow that's very generous of you! Your little marmot is super cute!


Thank you on behalf of the marmots! We don't have them here in LA, but I have seen some marmots in Wyoming and have heard them whistling, too.


Thank you so much for bringing the marmots plight to our attention. I live in Seattle and have never heard of them around Washington. For my $10, I would love to send you a glass magnet with a vintage marmot illustration! If you would like, please email your address. I love your photographs and your expert nature eye. :)


My 8 year old grandson and I were just discussing endangered species last night. He has always been fascinated in animals and insects and is very interested in their preservation. He will be interested to hear, I was I, about the marmots on Vancouver Island. He lives in Vancouver, WA and has been planning to go to the "other Vancouver" someday.
Always love seeing what Edgar is up to! And the Russian dolls are so sweet, as it the daughter who got them for you. Aren't daughters a special joy?
Maggie is adorable.


Marmots are awesome! Maggie is probably the cutest one I've seen. I love her little face!


YEAH! I didn't know there was still time to comment! Here's mine, along with my support and admiration.



Oh, your little creatures are so cute! Thank you for raising awareness about marmots and their plight.

I have to go back and read your archives. I have a collection of knit cones (I call them pears) that look very similar to your forest (some even have the stone in the bottom). Your idea of a fabric bottom is brilliant!


I somehow missed this post. So heres my comment for the marmots!

Karen L.

You, my friend, are an amazing person! I love checking your blog several times a week to see what lovely, nature-themed item you have made. Keep up the interesting work. And now, donate another $10.00 for the purpose of keeping the Marmot species alive and well. Let's get some more babies produced!


Sweet idea.
And, ah, fall is for felting! I need to get my roving back out...we need more little critters for our table :)


Thanks so much for helping the marmots. Your blog is an inspiration in so many ways!

Crafty Gardener

My efriend Karen sent me your link. I love your Maggie Marmot and applaud your support of them.


omg, I've got to tell my daughter about the marmots, she'll be so interested and keen to help. She's eleven and already a keen environmental activist, I'm so proud.


marmotolicious! yay for marmots!


marmotolicious! yay for marmots!


Very inspiring blog and Maggie is the cutest marmot I've ever seen.

Tracy Petley

Heres to the marmots. I live in Kitimat, B.C. but send money each year when I get the pledge envelope. Maggie is cute too.


Aww! Maggie is adorable. Thanks for raising some awareness for these awesme fur balls. :3

I happened to come across this post while doing research for an essay I'm writing in English class!


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Marissa Chichester

Oh my gosh I just found this link while looking up pics of the marmot cause I just heard about it. I hope your still donating, that little thing is so adorable!!! I hope it goes to a good home if it hasn't already.

Robin Pickell

Right On! I hope you are still donating too. Good WWWWOOORRRKKK!

Bev. Bortolotto

A gentleman I make giant hand puppets for had me make a marmot for a children's puppet show he did on endangered animals. I think he used pictures from your web site.

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