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September 12, 2008


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Genius!! At last I understand how to knit an i-cord!! I might try lucetting one as I've been making pendants up until now - a change would be nice - thanks x


When I saw you had a new post I thought "no way could she have ANOTHER stunning tutorial." And low and behold...another project I can't wait to tackle! I don't know why I was surprised!


These are so wonderful! I am going to make them for girlfriends, and I may embellish them with some handmade silver beads/trinkets I have lying about--what a great, great project!


Thanks *so* much for this tutorial. I was struggling to find something to put in my handmade no-plastic Christmas crackers and these fit perfectly. Cheers.


I like this tutorial and all things you make. Your photographs are wonderful, it's a real pleasure to read your blog! You are so creative! Many thanks and best wishes to you from Austria!


You have the best TypePad. I am wondering, did you have a post about using an I-cord to make a small pincushion from scrap yarn? I thought it was listed on your site, but I cannot find anything. I love rocks and you have been so creative. Thank you for your tutorial list...csl


Oh my goodness these are so pretty and where did you get that owl in the last photo oh he's so cute!

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