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September 28, 2008


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I really like all the leaves in your picture they are very colourful!!!!!!!!!!!!
We do not have any colours like that in Winnipeg!


Where are you at that you have such leaves!?!? I'm sorry that you are feel bad, have you tried ginger tea? You take fresh ginger root and cut it up small (there in no need to peel it just wash it well) *about the size of your
thumb* Then you put the ginger into a pot add water about 2 cups then boil for 5 to 10 minutes until the kitchen smells good. After add honey to taste after drink when you can*hot*.Do not use sugar because that feeds germs and bacteria. It will warm you, then it will help to clear your sinuses it will also help with your cough. It is spicy alittle but good. You can also add lemon after you boil it so you get your vit.C too.
Sorry for the wonky typing the baby is trying to get the keyboard.
Feel better dear!Take care,


Wonderful colors Margie, such rich tones that I will take as inspirations for shore. Hope you feel better*****


i'm glad you managed a short walk today at least. feel better! then you can come see all the leaves we have over here!



A walk in the woods is great medicine - Ontario autumn! - and I like the ginger tea suggestion. Oil of oregano, one drop or two in a tall glass of water, sipped, works for me as well. Wonder where the phrase "under the weather" came from.


You must live in the most lovely place on Earth. As much as I love living in Montana, we are just too far from any nature.


If your throat hurts you just steep whole cloves in hot water then sip it. It has a numbing effect to your throat and is good for your immune system. You can also steep Thyme for a cold over all it does the same as the ginger. Or you can make soup. LOL!
Take care.


Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures. I, too, have a cold today but didn't venture forth to the joys of my back yard. Your pictures were very comforting.

Love the idea of the steeped cloves! I'm going to fix some up right now since my throat is still pretty sore.



There are some great tips here Margie. I really hope you are feeling better - those photos are so enticing!

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