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September 19, 2008


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Matryoshka stones! Excited to see what they will be like!


I love your matryoshka stones' layers--of meaning, of pattern, of hard and soft. I think that's what we all are inside, essentially. Really complicated layers of experiences and emotions and learning, not to mention the parts of us that we absorb from the people around us. And that's why synechdoche--the literary term that means using the part of something to represent the whole--is evocative but ultimately incomplete, as the movie reviewer notes about the film itself.

Or, as Shrek would say, "Ogres are like onions. We have layers," or something to that effect (see, my allusions are more likely these days to come from an animated movie rather than an indie film).

Anyway, brilliant job, as usual, refining a very complex idea to a simple, elegant creation!


Phew! Always so hard to follow one of Patricia's brilliant comments...

But, I think you must have some idea how excited I am about these stone matryoshkas. I'm certain that they will be stunning and moving. Have a wonderful weekend with your special women...I'll be thinking of you.


not only are the stones beautiful, but your generous donation to the marmot organization is beautiful as well.


What a wonderful donation to the marmots!

I'm so excited about the Guild!

Your crocheted stones are how I first found this blog, so I'm interested to see what the matryoshka stones will be.


the stones totally take my breath away.


All the cats I've ever known are as "helpful" as your Arwen and Edgar are. They sure HELP my spiritual balance. :)

Wow! $400 dollars to help rescue the Vancouver Marmot. Terrific!

Looking forward to what the Guild can do.

Blessings on your trip this weekend.


it sounds like a wonderful idea. have a lovely weekend :)


hey, congrats on winning the indie fixx! I voted for your owl and pussycat without realizing it was you, and here I've stumbled upon your blog (from a link on Crafty Crow) and there it is, again. I love the stones, too--the felt covers bring to mind tiny little moccasin slippers.

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