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October 29, 2008


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wow this is a great idea! How did
you decide to use your great wool
in such a way? I would be worried
that it would not work, I guess
I often don't always try things I
should because I am scared it will
not work. I did make the kids
costumes this year! Whew I am
tired! I didn't know if I would
I love the finished product
though! Maybe you could leave
it and make a apron? Or maybe a
a draw string bag for wine?
Oh that reminds me or the cloth
my mother and grandmother would
wrap gifts in... very nice,


Wow! double WOW!!! My two faves also, I never would have imagined...never could have... speechless! This is gorgeous and I LOVE the scarf idea. Once again, wow!


Oooh, that's beautiful! It's nice when experiments have pleasant results.


Thanks so much for another inspiring tutorial! I think the piece looks wonderful with the light streaming through it. How about a curtain panel?


Oh - you really do the most amazing and wonderful things, I really admire your art! And the stones ... I love stones, too, their weight, their surface, their colours ... Guess I have to link you! (And try out your crocheted stones for myself!)


Wow, you just created something magical! Linking...


I never thought of felting onto linen. It looks so wonderful. No wonder I love your blog, linen and wool are up there among my most favorite things as well.


It looks beautiful!


It looks beautiful!

Elsita :)

Margie, this is a really great idea. i also LOVE linen and felt and they look so amazing together, the last pictures are magic with the light passing through the piece. You always come out with the most unexpected experiments! And the results are always amazing.
Elsita :)

Oh Suzanna

Nuno felt is usually done on thin gauzy fabric but it will also work on any loosely woven cloth.
To check if a fabric is suitable hold it a couple of inches from your face and blow (as if putting out a candle)- if you can feel your breath through it - it should work.
I've had fantastic results felting through old lace, and through large mesh plastic net!

Beth Grim

Thanks for the inspirational post. The light shining thru looks so awsome; I want to try it and use the fabric for curtains!


I had to try it, and my daughter (she is 4) had to help me:) Thank you!

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