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October 24, 2008


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i'm a new reader of your blog and i am finding it fascinating. really lovely work and excellent photos. keep up the beautiful work; i'll keep checking in.



Oooh, I love lichen (which I'm sure you know). My favourite on rocks is Rhizocarpon geographicum. It is green and kind of looks like a map, hence the geographicum part of the name. I don't think I have any pictures of it on my flickr though either... I'm sure I'll be able to find some at the cottage this weekend though.


yellow and grey - one of my very favourite colour combinations !


Fantastic photos, and the lichen on your felt rock is adorable! It's cool to see lichens getting some love. I'm an environmental educator, and one of my favorite programs to do with kids is a lichen hike. (Slime molds and moss are cool too) They're very sensitive to air quality, so unfortunately our city parks don't have much variety. It's really cool that you craft some of nature's under-appreciated organisms.


Beautiful photos! It is so interesting to watch the evolution of your creations!

Elsita :)

Oh Margie!
You little yellow lichen on the gray background looks just perfect. so delicate and sweet, I love it. And the rest of photos are so beautiful as always. Some of the lichens look like abstract paintings :)
Tonight Bill and I are attending the screening of a documentary about hair (you know, the one on our heads) by Chris Rock, he is one of the funniest (and smartest) men alive! I am sooo excited!
Have a wondeful weekend!
Elsita :)


As always fantastic and inspiring photography.... I love love love that yellow with the grey pebble. Always so inspiring to visit your blog. Have a lovely weekend.

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