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October 08, 2008


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OOh! This is very lovely too!
Where do you get your idea??
And is that wood on the chair
really purple or is it faded
paint? Very nice!

BTW I went to unconditional love
to enter her fun fall contest
and as I was entering baby pressed
enter, I did not get to finish and
she said that if you entered 2
times you were out of there. I
looked for her e~mail and can
not find it. Oh well I guess
after get that off my chest I
feel like it is not that bigadeal.

Today Leo fell in love, well not
really he's 3 but we went to
the park and he seen a chipmonk
and he could not stop watching it~
I had to fight him because it was
about to rain, he wanted to take
it with! Tried to lure it with
get this, rocks! That is what made
me think of you. He had some good
ones too! Very sparkly ... you
guessed it the chipmonk ran.. I
guess it has see little boys with
rocks before. Shame too leo would
die if someone threw his rocks!
LOL! Thanks for sharing your art~
Lovely as always!


This is great stuff! Your blog has been on my mind a lot. I went to Big Sur this past weekend and I thought of you as I walked through the woods (not something I get much chance to do here in LA... except on your blog!) I saw many ghost trees on the drive up there. Coincidentally, I also saw a couple of yurts on the way home, and I, too, yearn for yurt life! I went to Inner Mongolia as a teenager where I got to see real yurts and I've been a fan of them ever since.


So pretty Margie - just lovely!


I am not sure if i ever left a comment here, i come to your site every day, i just wanted to say that this is a great idea!


Oh, wonderful! Even the little circles themselves are charming.


So pretty!


Margie, your circle/encircled/stones are beautiful! I admire how you enhance the beauty that nature provides for us. I've already made one of the paper bag mushrooms--so quick and fun! And I'm planning to carve a little turnip for my daughter's birthday centerpiece.

Shauna Chapman

Totally gorgeous as usual. Since I can't handle it any longer, I've added you to my blog roll with immediate effect! Update please on the Bluenose Jacket too!


beautiful stone. the pattern kind of reminds me of the way a soccer ball is stitched up :)


Very pretty!


The thought-fullness that goes into each of your works makes them even lovelier. That top photo of all of the little pieces waiting to be put together is magical. I'm so happy thinking about you and your little helpers making mushrooms! I love that you spread the word...don't you just love thinking about mushrooms popping up everywhere?


Ooh Margie Its so beautiful. Its all dressed up! And peek-a boo-y with the little lace circles, some over Liberty, some not.

I just love this!


My 7 year old says that it looks
like a night gown for a pet rock!
Too funny! We are looking at your
site today and that is what she
want to do here lately. No nick
Jr or Yahoo kids, no she wants to
go look at the "foresty blog" she
says. LOL~ doesn't take after me
at all... really! It just gives me
a chance to see older posts and
her to see the ocean photos you
had posted. I think if she could
she would have jumped right in
and joined you at the ocean, my
3 year old loved all of your
treasures he kept telling us which
ones he liked..btw.. all of them.


can you please open a shop Margie!

Elsita :)

Margie, you are the master of rock covering! I love it how you have developed a whole unique and personal style covering rocks in the most unexpected ways! They are always beautiful and they talk about your need to protect nature. What a beautiful concept to express through your creativity. You turn the ordinary into extraordinary :)
Brava Margie!
Elsita :)


oh, i love these!

Gunnel Svensson

these are Wonderful !!!


These are so beautiful. I'm feeling melancholy (sp?) as today I've been going through my late mom's house and bringing some of her treasures home with me. She was a creative soul and enjoyed others creations equally. I wish I had one of your missing pieces stones. Are their instructions? Of course, I'd need to learn to tat or crochet....

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What a marvellous weekend, looks absolutely blissful from start to finish. I love the first picture of your table - it looks so summery and outdoorsy - all bright and fresh and warm and inviting. The evening bbq table looks wonderful too - am now really hoping for good weather this weekend so I can try to capture all the feelgood vibes that there are in your photos here.

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