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October 09, 2008


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Your stones are so lovely! I know
I keep saying that but I am
breathless most of the time when
I look at your site. tonight when
I was looking my 12 year old was
laughing at me and told me to
calm down! I also love the way you
photograph them... the last stones
look like they are waiting in line
... wonder what they are waiting
for... one looks like it is
fishing ... I love the boat in
the hoop too! The stones when
sewn like this looks like they
have windows.. lovely! I love the
one that looks like it has a
horse in one window and a bird
flying in another, it is the 3rd
photo down rock on the left.
You could use fabric and make a
I spy game on your rocks! Then
add a paper or sew the words on
the cloth bag that it came with!
That is if you ever put it on
I am once again breathless at the
forest you get to wonder to.
The leaves look like quilts!
I love the 2nd to the last it
is of tree branches but if you
look at it close it looks like
the patterns of your rocks!!
No wonder you took that photo.
The design of the rocks must be
in your head now! Beautiful...
Mother earth is the greatest
artist I think, every year the art
is never the same, an original
everytime!! She is the greatest
crafter ever.. out of dead leaves
and old rotten wood she crafts
mushrooms, moss... and such! And
when for her big finally she
gives us all the colors of the
rainbow so that when the snow
covers all like a curtain we are
still talking about the ending!
Thank you for your eyes and camera
that you share with us the beauty
you see.

Elsita :)

Margie, with your beautiful photographs you don't even need to worry about the words, they are worth one thousand words! I wish you to recover from you hard day at work so you can wake up tomorrow with lots of energy!
Take care and lots of love!
And I cannot wait for you to open your Etsy store!
Elsita :)


Those stones are so amazingly lovely. With each photo I enjoy them more. How do they feel when you hold them in your hand?

Gunnel Svensson

Hi, I just found your blog, and I love it! Your stones are so beautiful, and your pictures so lovely ! I will return !! have a nice day


Those beautiful beautiful photos of leaves.

Those lovely stones...


i think i love the second stone even more! oh, and i promise you some more amazing fall colour photoshoot opportunities if you make the drive up this weekend ;)


Margie, I think I can imagine how much time you spent in these little treasures. They are so wonderful! I love everything about them and to leave some space as a kind of "symbol", is a wonderful idea. x Sandra


Wow! I love them! So dainty and wonderful!! The patchwork really catches the eye with all that lacey goodness!


I love these patchwork stones.


I adore these They are so pretty.

la pomme

Tes créations sont de véritables chef- d'oeuvres!! je suis très admirative! bravo, j'adore ton univers poétique et plein d'humour!

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Shawna Zimmerman

New follower courtesy of Pooknflip.

Gorgeous, gorgeous work on the stones, but I understand how labor-intensive these must be to have them for sale.... I am thrilled however that you are at least offering images of them on your shop!

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