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October 27, 2008


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Wow what a very Happy top you have
made! I love the way you added the
little trees when you photoed it!
At first I thought they were on
there for real! It is sooo cute
all of it but as you must have
your favorlte parts I do too!
First I love the motherly gard
at the front gate! She is a peace~
maker if ever I seen one! I also
love the natural fauna that are
surly coming for afternoon tea,
the hedgehog! Oh my he is cute!
Your motherly gard looks like she
is waiting for them all. Surely
rupunzel is no captive by this
sweet grandmother?? She must have
been saved and is in the torent
waiting for her charming to come
for tea also? Her face says that
she is expecting him anytime now..
maybe he stopped to admire the
local flora? I did... it is lovely
it looks like mother nature... or
maybe your dear gard keeps careful
care of them. Well the generous
squirels are calling it looks like
it is indeed tea time!

I also loved the way you photoed
(is that spelled right??) the
blouse in the 3rd to last photo
is very good, creative!! The trees
look like legs!!! And the hat
reminds me of my childhood Archie
comics! Very charming! I bet it
was not as easy to make though!
My guess is the curve was quite
I am naive... for I still believe
that everyone are generally kind,
we are innocent when born... and
many remain so. I do believe in
stranger kindess... there are
stranger things!
Keep warm and safe, it is and
will be the coldest it has been
this year in IL. We are expecting
light dusting of snow... very
early for us!
Rane and baby...(teething the
top ones now! They grow too fast!)


P.s... in the photo of the top
on the table I see that you have
maybe another sweatered stone that
is red?? It is lovely! I also love
your stove in the background!!
It is rusticly stylish! I am also
happy to see your chipper little
stuffed stone pillow~ happy
waiting for you to sit for a spell
and craft!
BTW... I do believe that the
castle in the forest is none other
than a traveling fairy castle...
my daughter has a Japanese story
about one... it only comes to
forest that have kind being and
animals in it, forest that are
clean and that have magic! It is
a true story for happy little
hearts! She loves it! I wish it
was in Engish.
and one last question.. did you
make the top yourself or is it a
a bought one? It is very sweet~
Take care,
Rane and baby...

LynAnne Smucker

I love the way your used the buttons and different pieces of ribbon/trim for to build and populate your castle. Totally cool idea. Now I want to make a castle of my very own. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! That is fabulous. You made it sound so simple when you described it, but then when I saw the finished creation... well, it's amazing to me the talent and creative vision that some people (like you) have. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Its beautiful :-) I can imagine it makes you smile to wear it :-)




You know how to exercise your whimsy! It's wonderful.

The Mommy

Oh that is just delicious! I want one!!! You did a marvelous job...what fun it must have been to create!


What a wonderful rendition! I'm not surprised that the original is in France. Since I have moved here I am constantly running across the odd castle tucked in every corner of this country. I even had the pleasure of touring one this summer inside and out. YOu do beautifu work and I really enjoy reading your blog. I would love to have such a nice woods to walk in each day!


beautiful work, you must be delighted with it.

Such special pieces of textiles have found a home!


Wow! So beautiful.


That's amazing!!!! I love it.


The castle is totally inspiring. It makes me want to go out and buy tons of trimmings and play! I might even animate them....

Elsita :)

Dear Margie, this piece is sooo beautiful!
What a wonderful experience must be wearing an artwork like this one. All the detail, the colors...everything has been put together in perfect harmony!!!
Beautiful pictures too!
Elsita :)


What magical art you create- truly a reflection of your surroundings. You are always an inspiration.

barb jensen

Most wonderful! I think I'd want it on my wall though. So magical!


shut the front door. that is amazing.


my favourite part is the little embroidered curlicue-type fern along the bottom that reminds me of a fiddlehead :)


Oh, goody! I love to look at all the details of creations like this...my favorites are: your embroidered ferns at the base of the trees, the hedgehog button, "the kindness of strangers", forest & fern pennants, and most of all I like the squirrel and acorn embroidered ribbon.

Now you need to make something with a motto entitled, The Kindness of Husbands with some more of that scrumptious ribbon he brings you!


utterly adorable.


The little tiny girl in the tower reminds me of Margot.

This is exquisite work Margie - you are a true artist!


I love how you incorporated so many of your favorites into each inch. This should be framed, but I love that your daughter is wearing it...with a crown! My favorites are the ferns and plants growing up each birch tree, the owl perched atop a tower, the woodland creatures in different mediums all mingling together. It's a joy to look at, and I keep scrolling up again and again! I'm all filled up and ready for the week after seeing your gorgeous creation/art.


Wow! This looks like a fabulous place to live when you get tired of the yurt. :> My favorite part is the little girl peeking out of the turret, and the squirrels guarding the gate.


oh so gorgeous, I want to wear it myself:) Yet more fab inspiration....:)


That is amazing! Beautiful! Magical! Bravo.




Amazing!!! Don't even let chocolate get near that beauty! lol...


WOW! Amazing! I love that top! My favorite part is in the third picture: The little button girl in the tower! I would so live in the the tower room if I lived in a castle! That's just amazing detail, I'll bet you could look at it and look at it and still not notice every little detail you made on that amazing piece! So cool!

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