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October 18, 2008


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I love the rainbow of warm hued
photos you send us tonight!
I have never seen the snow on
still vibrantly colored leaves
before, I guess it has to be
breathtaking! What are the berries
are these? What ever they are
they are lovely too! I wonder
if the leaves inspire your color
choices for the wool you use.
I wonder if you could use these
leaves for dying wool.
The leaves here in IL are not
colorful at all, sort of browns
and dull yellows, very washed out
not as bright as your photos at
all! I hope that you enjoy your weekend!


i know. i live in BC and we're having a feast as well of all these hues...hopefully the white snow veil that will cover it all will wait a little this year. Last year we had snow at the end of November :)


The color in Vermont has been stunning as well. We are surrounded in gold and copper. I hope to take some photos this weekend.

I left you an award over on my blog. Thanks for all the new inspirations!


I love looking at your photos and feeling so at home...we have so many of the same views (in more than foliage, too!). We awoke to our hardest frost, yet. The end of color has already begun here...but the anticipation of the first snow always holds so much excitement!


I'm off to crochet mushrooms now, you've brightened my fall season considerably. thank you!


Thank you for this. We won't experience anything like this where we live, but I do like to find a deciduous tree and stand under it, trying to imagine it's an entire forest turning color.

Angel Funk

I want to live next door to you! Your photos are incredible, what a beautiful Fall you're having.


The photos are stunning!! Thanks!

William Horberg

These photos make me so happy Margie!
Those colors are amazing, fall is such a beautiful season. This season makes me experience calm for some reason.
Elsita :)


your pictures created a wonderful fall colored rainbow as i scrolled down. here in california the trees are just barely starting to turn, but i have a feeling the change will come overnight and take my breath away.


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful fall colors with us! I live in Mississippi, and our trees go from green to brown to gray with nothing in between. I am predisposed to like fall foliage (check the name!), so I really appreciate getting a peek at yours!

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