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November 21, 2008


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Firstly, thanks for sharing.
Yours is my favorite blog.
I am always happy to see an update.
I am about to turn 25.
Im married and live where the only forests to be found are civil war battlefields... I treasure these little bits of land that history saw fit to preserve for me.
I clicked on your blog because it was named after my favorite song.
It seems nice to find someone who seems to appreciate the same things i do...

so thanks
best wishes


Seeing the small things, thinking about the wonders in life - this is exactly what I do all the time without even thinking it was special.

But your pictures are way better than mine. I try to learn from you and zoom more into details and use the macro function more often. It really helps a lot and your blog with its gorgeous pictures reminds me every time of it.

You´re lucky that the car accident went without anybody being hurt, and as long as it was only tin damaged, everything is fine. I find it really interessting, that your concentration on the small miracles of life comes from an accident - one wouldn´t take that as normal, right?

At the moment, we have a blue sky and the sun lights the leaveless trees shine golden. Today the first snow for our county is forecasted and half of Germany is already there. I am sure in the afternoon, everything will change and turn white. Luckily, my boyfriend got his winter tyres yesterday at last notice and I hope everything will work out well with us getting a new heating system preferrably next week - we are running out of heating oil and hope not to postpone that again.

Find pictures of our house and garden and so on here (German only so far): http://www.fuchsbau.amichan.de

Julie adore

i give you a Blogging Friend Forever Award for all your ideas!!!!

see you in my blog


Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. Thank you!


This is why people should blog. A beautiful post like yours. I would disagree with your statement about you find things hard to put into words, I find your blog so very readable. Your art and pictures are just sublime. Gorgeous and wonderful post.


Hear hear.

Glad to 'know' you. Love your work.


Wonderfully put. I love seeing what you see in nature. It inspires me to delve into my own creative flow more. I'm glad you didn't waste you miracle.


I just found your blog through a link in flickr and this post has brought tears to my eyes. I loved how your words brought together your last year in change and the beauty you have found and created.


Yes, yes! Beautiful post from a beautiful gal.


Oh, did you say this insignificant little blog?! Certainly not! I love what you do, love your photographs. Love the reds you have been sharing. Love your beautiful stones. I'm glad you do what you do here!


I loved reading this post. And your photos are lovely. Can you please tell me what kind of camera you use. I am having a very difficult time finding a camera I really like.
Have a Blessed Day,

Sarah B

Thank you.



Laura A.

Your blog might be small but it is in no way insignificant. By sharing your vision you are making the world more beautiful and inspiring others to do the same. If everyone worked to put beauty in the world what a wonderful place it would be.


Your photos are always incredible, but I have never seen anything as cute as those snails!


Thank you...

"In our days, we will say what our ghosts will say. We gave the world what it saw fit, and what'd we get? Like stubborn boys with big green eyes, we'll see everything. The timid shake in the autumn leaves and buzzards' wings."

The seeing is so important.


This is the most moving post I have ever read. I don't think that I have ever been thankful for someone getting into an accident, but I am thankful for your accident if it was the impetus for the deep awareness of nature and life's transitory quality that you have brought to this blog. Your blog has been my swift kick to the brain that I needed to open my eyes to the beauty around me, and I thank you, dear friend.


What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your inspiration along with your words and pictures!


Thank you for an inspiring post. It's wonderful that you used a negative experience in a positive way. I'm glad that you're uninjured from the accident.

have a great day!


It's always a pleasure to listen to you :) You are one special lady!
Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you've brought to me this year, your friendship has truly been a gift. BIG hug for ((((((you)))))) & stay warm!


Your blog is not insignificant! Just look at all these comments you have gotten already. You inspire me and others to creativity. You show a little bit of beauty. Many of us are looking for those kinds of connections online. I don't have very many friends who would consider themselves "artistic", so I come online to find my tribe. Somehow when I observe others finding the beauty around, it helps me see, too. So, Thank You!


your blog is significant. it is heartbreakingly beautiful, and points me to the most easy way I connect with God, as an artist. I think that you use words and images in perfect balance to articulate a sweetness that is necessary and appreciated. Thank you. I wonder if those silly teenagers will ever realize that their bad driving rippled out to encourage so many people. Glad they hit you, and not someone who wouldn't have been so beautifully formed by it. (reminds me of a favorite verse... Romans 8:28)

painted fish studio

wow, what an inspiring post. you are amazing, margie!


yes it's so true, thanks for reminding us, and thanks for inviting me to read. beautiful photo's, crafts and inspirations.

Karen L.

Isn't it a shame that there are those of us who may not have that "awakening" moment? Why can't we see what's out there without that moment? All that is around us is important whether it be animal, mineral, or vegetable. I think your blog entry today will open the eyes of many of your readers. Your craft work has already done that for a lot of us. I love your stones, snails, and all the nature that you show and enhance. Don't stop, whatever you do!!!


thank you for sharing so much of yourself - it is your unconditional giving and sharing that is so inspiring.

I guess I also have to say, thank goodness for that car accident!!


thank you for sharing so much of yourself - it is your unconditional giving and sharing that is so inspiring.

I guess I also have to say, thank goodness for that car accident!!


thank you for sharing so much of yourself - it is your unconditional giving and sharing that is so inspiring.

I guess I also have to say, thank goodness for that car accident!!


thank you for sharing so much of yourself - it is your unconditional giving and sharing that is so inspiring.

I guess I also have to say, thank goodness for that car accident!!


I'm sorry that you feel words don't come easily to you. What you write here in your blog is so breathtakingly eloquent. Your voice perfectly mirrors the gorgeous images you share with your new found sight. I am so grateful for you and your sharing... of your wisdom, your insights, and your artistry. Knowing what resurrected you, brings so much depth to everything you've ever shared.


Thank you margie.

Just a great big heartfelt thank you....


You certainly do motivate and inspire. Mission accomplished! (But please, don't stop.)


Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts with us...it's nice to know a little more about the person behind a blog that I enjoy so much!


At any moment we can wake up to see the world anew . I have always treasured that miracle . I am deeply grateful for you my sister . You are the miracle now . Please tell Tamara, Katie Barry and I miss her greatly . Love Helen


What a lovely, inspiring post. Your blog is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your creative journey! <3


Thank you so much for this wonderful entry!
I think there`s nothing left to say - you´re so right! :) It`s so important to keep an eye on the little things in life because it´s them, who make our lifes beautiful and full of meaning.
I try to keep this in mind every day. Looking up to the sky or down to the earth - there´s so much beauty within...
With your nature crafts and pictures you catch this little moments of beauty - thank you for sharing them day by day! :)


Your blog has been inspiring me ever since I first found it. I have always appreciated the obvious displays of Nature's beauty, but now I also look at the small things. I have been suprised at how much beauty there is, even in unexpected places. I have you to thank for making me see it.


What a lovely post and a lovely blog! I find inspiration in it.
Thank you!


I have to admit that I'm having a hard time thinking that you haven't ALWAYS been this way, but I do believe that things like this certainly can change the way you see the world.
I felt a similar clarity of vision and intense awareness after finding out we were pregnant with our first son. I immediatley walked out into our field and felt as if I could see each and every blade of grass standing out from one another, wandering and wondering if this was how I was going to see things from then on. Well, it wore off after a few hours, for the most part. But, I do feel that as an adult, I see and appreciate so many things that I never did when I was younger.
I so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes, too, now. Thank you for sharing your "vision" with us. You truly do spread the joy of what you take in from the world around you.


Well, I feel a little silly now seeing that I was commenting under such a formal name to such a personal post! Somehow I was signed in under my typepad acct name.


I am continually amazed and inspired by your blog. After reading this post, today seemed like to right day to tell you.

Maria Parasyri

Thank you for reminding me every time i visit your blog that miracles do happen...

dating with women after 40

She weighed just over 1 pound and fit in her mother's hand. She survived , miraculously , with love and amazing medical care and now she is a happy, healthy , super smart teenager. I had my own very personal lesson exactly one year ago. I was driving to visit my mom in Ottawa after having stopped off in the small town along the way that my daughter Rebekah ( she doesn't seem to want to be called Bekki anymore) goes to university in.


We all have but 1 life and we should always live to the fullest. Thank you for reminding us through your blog that life is very precious.

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