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November 24, 2008


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Margie - can you make one for me - hang it on your gate or wherever and call it mine? Because I sure won't be able to make one here!



Beautiful! The cranberries and ice look so dynamic together. I used to teach this to kids at a nature center, but we made them in cookie sheets. Once frozen we hung them off a big cherry tree, it made quite the wintertime gallery! I'd have to wait a while to make one here in Connecticut.


This idea would certainly have gladdened my winter during the 44 years I lived in Ontario - and I am keeping it in mind for next time we get a freeze. Thank you! Your wreath is stunning.


I can only imagine how beautiful and ice wreath would be, especially if it could be kept for several weeks. But California living makes such a wreath only a dream!


You are amazing, I can't keep up with your posts-I'm always so inspired by your sweet work. Love the wreath and since I live in California I was thinking I could use the idea and float it in a punch bowl instead.


Thanks for your great tutorial and the wonderful pictures! :)
It´s a pleasure for ones eyes!

I hope it will get cold enough around here to make a wreath myself...


Your porch is looking so beautiful! Thanks for this great wreath tutorial. We make these too, but I never knew about the double bowl trick. I'm so excited to try it. I also have only foraged for red berries. Getting a bag of cranberries is such a great idea... light bulb! They add such a bigger colorful pop. I'm not sure I can make them look anything as magical as yours, but I'll give it a go as soon as it gets cold again. We're getting a couple of inches everyday for the near future, but it's more like slush. Warm front moving in. Great for snow peeps, though!


oh my, how pretty!! i wish it would get cold here so i can make some too. your home must be so lovely during the holidays!


this has to count as one of the most utterly incredible things that i have seen, ever.


This is a fantastic idea! I just held a wreath clinic this weekend and I still have a lot of leftover winter berries and greens. I am so inspired!

Thank you so much for sharing!


Your ice wreaths are beautiful!

I had my friend make me an acorn necklace using your tutorial (since I can't crochet). I put a couple of pics of it on my blog if you want to see them :)


I live in Southern California where today it was sunny all day long, and almost hot at points. I love your wreaths and bowls so much. I really wish that I could make one for our house, but since it wont work here I am sending your link to my sister who lives in Oregon. I guess I will have to live through her on this one.


Beautiful! I am definitely trying this! It'll look great for Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Thankyou for the tutorial. I should have known it was like my bowls, only bigger! I wish mine would last weeks, but I'll be lucky with a few hours. Still, I can get lots of practice by making them over and over again, lol.


Great idea!
One suggestion that I learned in middle school science class: If you boil the water first, the resulting ice will be free of bubbles and crystal clear.


wow! lovely!

lisa brawner

that is awesome !!!! I will be adding your page to my blog links :)Love your blog !

Crafty Gardener

Your ice wreath is lovely and as I mentioned previously on your instructions for making a mobile post this brings back memories of making these with Brownies and Guides at winter camp.


I make ice bowls in the summer. They are perfect for keeping things cold.


Dare I say it, I am actually looking forward to the crazy Newfoundland winter this year, now that I've seen this post.


Oh how I miss the cold, snowy winters of the North. I'd love to make one of these, but it would surely melt quickly down here in the warm South.


Oh how I miss the cold, snowy winters of the North. I'd love to make one of these, but it would surely melt quickly down here in the warm South.


ahh, it's beautiful! it hasn't been very wintery here this year yet, so it wouldn't stay around too long for me :(


Hi - new to this blog via a picture of these wreathes on flickr! Your blog is beautiful and these are perfect for Montreal winters!


So beautiful!!


These are great! My wife and I are going to make these with our kids. We live in the Northeast so these should last a while outside. Thanks!



Those are absolutely beautiful!

White Iris Designs

These are so cool~
Might have to give that one a try...once the weather quits fluctuation so much.
Happy to have stumbled upon your post!


If you boil the water first it dissolves the tiny air bubbles that make the ice look white. In other words if you boil the water and then freeze it should produce clear glass.


Found you thru Dusty Frame....that wreath is beautiful
I am definately going to make one.
It's 29 degrees here in Northern Indiana today so it should last. Our backyard is full of cardinals, bluejays, squirrels etc.
God Bless, Pam


The wreaths are gloriously beautiful and seem to be fairly easy to make! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!!

Jackie Guido

I can not wait to try this with my family! The boys will love doing this. I love decorating with things that others do not....this is it!! I have never seen this before!


My son and I made ice wreaths last night and my "I am not crafty--at all" self was so excited to see how well they turned out. My son at 12 and having been a part of so many of my failed craft experiments was doubtful at first, sure it would never come out of the pan, and then joyful(well as joyful as 12 year old boys can be)when we hung the finished results. Thank you!!

Rockin' Robin S

I love the wreaths !!!
Also love the shoes, where did you get them???


So pretty. I'm glad I found your post.


Just found your tute for the ice wreath. To say I LOVE IT would be a gross understatement. I'm just waiting for my weather to get cold enough here to make one! I've linked to you via Wee Folk Arts FaceBook. Thanks for an incredible and inspiring blog.

Rosemary McDonald

What a beautiful idea! I froze some coloured water for tea light holders using ice cream pails. We had a really mild November, so they took quite a while to freeze. I wish I'd seen your wreath idea first... the berries and greens are beautiful! It's -33 degrees celsius (-44 with the windchill factor) here in Saskatchewan this morning...so I should be able to freeze a wonderful bundt pan wreath in no time! Thanks for the great idea.

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If you boil the water first it dissolves the tiny air bubbles that make the ice look white. In other words if you boil the water and then freeze it should produce clear glass.

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