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November 28, 2008


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Congratulations Margie! To your Etsy shop :)
I´m sure it will be a great adventure for you!
Right now I have no energy to blog or to be creative...I have started on a new fulltime job and it takes all my time and energy for the moment.
I wish you a great weekend!
All my best
PS: Love your pinecones! DS

Crafty Gardener

Somewhere I have a pattern to make a pinecone using a styrofoam egg and ribbon. I only ever made one as it never looked natural enough. I must dig through my decorations and find it. Your pine cones look lovely. Looking forward to the opening of your etsy shop.


Congratulations on your Etsy shop opening! I love both versions of the pinecone, and the tree is wonderful too!


The pinecones you find...are they very sappy...and if so...how do you de-sap them?


Congratulations on the shop - I shall look forward to Monday!


Hooray for all of us!!


Congratulations for your Etsy shop !


I just stumbled across your blog, and what lovely vacation reading! It's very inspiring- and I love how you've decorated your house with pinecones- it's funny how something as simple as stringing them up gives them an importance and draws attention to them as art. We were hiking in the woods this week and saw a resurrection fern- - what a nice coincidence!

Thanks for blogging!


I am in love with your pinecone garland!


Hurray!!! Very exciting news!




Yay! I've been wondering if you might sell your beautiful creations some day. Can't wait!


Yea for etsy shops!!


I have recently discovered your blog. It is one of my favorite inspirations. Yesterday my husband and I went cross country skiing and picked up a pine cone to remember our magical day. I saw your garland and I thought this is synchronicity. I wonder how many people travel the woods at the same time inspired by the pine cones that fall in our path.

One Gal's Trash

Hi Margaret,
I linked over from September Tea (the author, Joan and I have been friends for 40 years.) Your blog is so lovely. I especially liked the ice wreaths you made recently. I too am launching an Etsy shop and wish you lots of luck!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash
Portland, OR


Hello Margie I've been tagged for a meme and decided to participate - am tagging you now. The Japanese fabric in the pine cones does work very well. All best with etsy!!


i so excited to see what you put in your shop :-)

Helle Jorgensen

Looking forward to visiting your etsy shop. your crochet-covered stones are wonderful. You have been in my thoughts for quite a while now. I will sit down soon and write to you. Thanks for your comments.


oh my goodness, your pine cones are B-E-A UTFUL! they are absoulutely outstanding. i wish i had such a talent like yourself. where i live, we had no trees, no pine cones, so i miss out on such a great hobby like yourself.
lots of love and pine cone hugs. pinesconesbaby <3

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