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November 03, 2008


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Wow that drawing is just like your
needlework!!!! Shockingly
beautiful! Great job!! I love the
Japanese embroidery thread!
What a great subject too, I will
have to go look up this type of
jelly fish now! Thanks again for
a great game! I loved it even
though I did not get to guess as
much as last time! I did alot
more study on it though and
learned more! Cant wait till the
next game!! Very fun!!!!!!
By the way I love the "ponkins'"
as my 3 year old calls them!
Bet you had loads of fun with
your daughter making them!!!
Very cool!!
Keep warm and safe,
Good night all!
Rane and still teething baby.


That's cool! Thanks for doing this little contest, it was interesting. Congratulations to the winners!


I love these contests. They inspire me to look up so many different things in order to check out everybody's guesses. I tried to win this with humor, but next time I'll do more serious research!

When I saw this picture, I was sure the root guesses would win:
But I also really liked the idea of a scarf that wards off the flu!

Please keep the guessing games coming, they're so much fun!


I love the quote you started this post with. :)

Everything here is beautiful, but I'm particularly tickled by that owl pumpkin.


rats! I should have known! I was in the mood for jellyfish this week too. I'll post some photos of my jellyfish colographs on my blog this week.


I was thinking about this last
night, now I know why you choose
the scarf! Because these Jellyfish
live only in the deep! So the
dark colors of the scarf are just
right! Once again great job!!
I just had to stop by again and
look at this, it is sooo lovely!!
Thanks for the fun contest!
Rane baby and Leo.


Wow, what a gorgeous jellyfish!


I love the jellyfish inspiration! Beautiful and unique.

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