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December 10, 2008


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Wow. Wow. Wow. Those papercuts are amazing. I love the joy of the house and the beauty of the cityscape. Thanks so much for sharing!


Glad to see you are back and
that you enjoyed yourself.
I hope you are settled back into
life with little fuss... I know
that Jet Lag always gets me
really bad.
Take care of yourself, it is so
easy to get sick after travel too!
Your photos as my 12 year old
Thank you for coming back to us,
Rane and kids


The carved eggs are amazing!!!


WOW. i will have to have a look for myself in february!


Ooh my!


Wow! Those papercuts are amazing.


Those papercuts are amazing! I especially like the one with the multi-leveled house (How funny is it that the artist included someone using the bathroom?).

Glad you had a fun trip!


Phew! My hand hurts just thinking of trying to make anything so intricate and so tiny! Thank you so much for sharing these with us... you knew we'd be an appreciative audience. Those eggs are spectacular, too!


That was an incredible journey into artistry ..
thanks for sharing Margie..


(I was so relieved to see that this was not a post about the kind of paper cuts I have after wrapping my Christmas presents!)

Elsa Mora

Oh Margie!!!!!!
You're going to kill me with these photos!!!! I can't believe what my eyes see! I would be the happiest person on earth if I could go to that museum one day and see everything in person!
The papercuts are amazing and the eegs too and everything else. I can't wait to get my new glasses so I can try to make some miniature papercuts myself. I will have to find a thin paper, I am going to start my research.
Over here is crazy, so much going on, but this post makes me sooo happy!
Lots of love and thank you for taking these pictures! Thank you to the museum too!

Elsita :)


Incredible work! Every bit of it!!


Those papercut pictures are really stunning!


Breathtakingly beautiful art. I agree with you, Elsita is serious competition for these artists.

La Donna

How very, very wonderful! Thank you for sharing! : )
Please know that you are welcome to drop by my little papercutting world any time!
La Donna : )


That looks like an amazing museum! Thanks so much for sharing.


I so enjoyed my adventure today on your blog, my first visit, and especially the chance to come along with you to the markets and the museum. Incredible. Thanks for the treats.

lush bella

oh my goodness. this is all so amazing. thank you for sharing this.


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