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December 01, 2008


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Kami Wilt

I'd love one of your cute little trees. Super special. Thank you!


Margie - best of luck for the shop opening - I am so excited for you!

julie Machen

I have just the winter nature table for these beauties! My two bright lights would surely appreciate the beauty.

We can't wait to stop by your shop tomorrow.....just in time for our return trip from school tomorrow! I know your handmade lovelies will be gone quick.


can't wait!!


Those trees are so cute! I can't wait for your shop opening tomorrow.


I may be too late, but here we go! Thanks for the ideas! Goodbye November, Welcome December!

linda p

congratulations on opening your shop!


Oh they are so cute!
I love them!


Thats exciting, a new shop! I'll keep an eye on it!
And these trees are superbe, groeten uit Rotterdam.


Adorable! I'd love to win! Good luck with the shop opening! Hope it goes well & can't wait to see everything.

Julie adore

it 's too late?!
i like your trees!

Tina Poulsen

Awww cute trees!!! :):)


Good luck with your shop opening! Thank you for the tree tutorial. They are super cute!

Crafty Gardener

The little trees are adorable and would be a wonderful addition to my Christmas village. Good luck with the store opening. I won't be able to check it out till about 4:30, hope you aren't sold out by then.
Happy first day of December.


Thanks for the tutorial, and good luck with your store!


these are so cute! we'd love them for our natue table


Your trees are beautiful! Thank you for writing a tutorial to share with us, that's very kind of you. :)


Wonderful as always~ I heart resurrection fern!

a rose is a rose

oh those trees (well EVERYTHING you do) are precious


Congratulations on your shop opening! I'm going to be at work during your update so I'll probably miss out on all of your fabulous creations. It would definitely be consoling to get picked for the giveaway ;) Have a happy one!


Oooh, that first tree looks like it has a treehouse at the top of it.

You'll have to get some elves to help you create more to keep that shop of yours full! May the etsy glitches leave you in peace.


I know I'm late for your contest...but I just wanted to tell you how talented and inspiring you are!

I can't wait for shop opening...congratulations!!!


Back from holiday, very tired. I just drove
12 hours. sleep ….need sleep…zzzzzzzz.

(looks like you’ve been having fun!I have been away for a short
time and when I get back you have
started a etsy acount!!! WOW!~
I am so happy for you and proud!
Great job ... it cant be easy with
you working and all. Good luck I
know it will do great! I hope you
had loads a fun while I was away!
So great to be back! I am going
to go and look at all the posts
I missed! These trees are so
sweet! I bet that you could make
shingles on a house the same way.
when you get to the end cut it.
then start again. Very fun!
*I drove in some very crazy blizzard, could not see
infront of the van snow! Glad to be back to
see you all! But I am a mean mom …the kids
slept in to van..well kinda.. so I am sweping
their sleepy little heads out the door to
school*yeah I know but they have been sick alot
this year and I dont want them missing more..*
then I am going to snuggle down with the babies
and sleep!! I bet they will sleep all day they
did not in the car…. they cried! And the worst
part of the drive was I was the only adult…
I am crazy I tell you! Thank you for being my
therapist….as alway your money's in the mail.
LOL!! Chat with ya latter!
Rane and kiddies


so cute tree!!!! good luck with your shop etsy!!! :)


super cute trees!

Alice Joanou

Dear Resurrection Fern,
Your blog is my favorite one on the web. I am truly and deeply inspired by your words and your work and was amazed to learn that you are also a family physician. How, dear Resurrection Fern, do you do it? I would sincerely like to know your process for creating time to make all the magical things you do, along with caring for family and others.
Again, thank you for your inspiration and art. You are wonderful.
With sincere respect,
Alice Joanou


Please enter me! Thanks!!!

Elsa Mora

Yay Margie!!!!!!
I am sooo excited about your new Etsy store!!!!
It is wonderful that now you can share your treasures with the world.
Lots of love!!!
Elsita :)


Congratulations on the Etsy shop opening ... I'm looking forward to checking it out!


Good luck with your shop opening. I am certain it will go smoothly! Thanks for sharing. Best to you. Jennifer


I love your blog! And would love to win one of your beautiful trees, if I'm not too late. Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts in your blog- it is a real inspiration to me.
I'm looking forward to seeing your etsy shop as well- congratulations!


Shelley Sears

Best of luck w/ the store! Your things are all so wonderful. I'm sure you'll do great.


Those are so pretty! Love reading your blog & congrats on the shop opening :)

Alexandra P.

how very cute..good luck with the etsy opening!

Hayley Miller

Found you via Whip-up, LOVE the trees!



Congratulations on your upcoming shop opening. I love those trees! I read your blog everyday, your photos and creativity are SO inspiring, Thanks for sharing yourself!


These trees are so beautiful, as are all your things, so I am thrilled that you will be opening a shop full of your treasures!


I am so excited about your shop opening.. I love your blog! :)



congrats on your shop opening- i hope i make it there in time to see everything :)


So excited to see your shop items ~ your trees are so much fun ~


I'm so excited for you and this new Etsy adventure!I'm also excited for ME at 4pm this afternoon! I'd love to win a sweet tree. Thanks for the tutorial... we all win no matter what!


Love the trees, I know my 3 month son would love looking at them!


Lots of luck with your shop! I hope to open my own etsy shop one day but I am not there yet. I still get excited to think about it though! I will be sure to visit yours. These trees are lovely. Could I fit one into the pre-christmas schedule...? :)


What adorable trees! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with your readers so we can also make lovely items.


All my best wishes for your Big Day...I can´t wait ...it´s so exciting :)
And you are always so generous with your ideas and that is a good thing...you are a very creative person with a big, warm heart!

All my best


Good luck on your shop! How exciting!

Melissa Brown

Margie! These little trees are just the best! I am so excited for your shop opening, I wish you all the best with it!

sherri s.

Congrats on your Etsy shop--I've been trying to start one but am somehow fearful...sigh. Anyway, lovely trees, lovely blog!

Christina J.

The trees are so cute! Can't wait to visit your new Etsy shop.


Yay! Thank you - I can't wait to make some of these myself!

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