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December 30, 2008


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Lou Lou & Oscar

Hi Margie,
If you could see our house you would faint, Ishi is the biggest stone hound, they are everywhere! We will see what we can do, takes ages to reach Canada but I guess you will always need them?! X

Lou Lou & Oscar

Hi Margie,
If you could see our house you would faint, Ishi is the biggest stone hound, they are everywhere! We will see what we can do, takes ages to reach Canada but I guess you will always need them?! X


Margie, they are on every beach here, maybe not as smooth as a glass but smooth enough for a craft work. I will gladly get as many as you wish but can't imagine the postage from Scotlnad to Canada! Any idea???? m.O.nika


Like monika, I'm not sure of the postage from Portugal to Canada! But will gladly send a few smooth stones from my collection. And it's a good excuse to take a trip over to the beach. Email me if you like. You have access to my email through the comment, right?


just found your blog via Kniting Iris -- I love your rock work -- quite Zen like but so artistic and elegant, too!


I just met your blog for the first time and I am very enthusiastic about it. Above all your felted stones are very lovely. I suppose, I will come back very soon.


Hej Margie,

Do you have plans to come to Danmark? Several tons of very smooth pebbles are laying here on our island.

Shipping will be expensive I guess? Do you have a travelling friend?
Just wanna help but the solution???



the Home Depot near me sells bags of "river rocks" in the garden dept


Margie, I'll poke around. I know we have some smooth stones that I can send out to you ASAP. No need for a trade!


I definitely have a handful of sea stones that I gathered myself in Southern California a few years back, and I'd love to help - just drop me a line!


I live in Marquette, on Lake Superior where millions of these stones lie. They are covered in ice an snow now, but I have a collection and could part with some....I am concerned about postage from US to Ca though.....let me know what you think..Mavis


I'll send you rocks! I'm in California, so we should check into shipping costs. I wonder if there's a special rock rate for shipping? I have some southern CA rocks, and I think of you whenever I go to the rocky beaches! I even have a *tiny* rock (too small to crochet) that is very special that I thought I might send you some day! I also have many river rocks that look a lot like the (not crocheted) one in the upper left of the top photo. They're around 5" (& pretty heavy!) How many do you need?


Ah I am so sorry that I no longer live in Seattle. The beaches around there are covered with the perfect stones. People often pile them one atop the other in little stacks making the beach look just magical. I often wished I had lugged a stack with me here as I miss them. Sounds as if there are many here though that are able to lend you a helping hand. Good luck on your hunt!


Some little stones would be happy to travel from britain (France) to Canada, one day ... But it is so far ... Anyway, good luck !


I will plan on heading out to the beach and let you know what I find, in fact I'll have the little kiddos help me, they love a little hunting and gathering. Have a very Happy New Year Margie!

Jamie Watson

Hi! I'd really love to help. There are lots of these types of stones near where I live (northern california). I will be happy to send you some. I'll make sure they are btw. 3-5" and not broken. I will collect them over the weekend and I can mail them by Jan. 5th. My email is pineappleluv@gmail.com if you want to give me your shipping address. Cheers!


we live right at the beach here, tons of those nice stones, but the problem is, it's in the uk, can you imagine the cost of sending stones? :(
If you have any other ideas how to get them to you, let me know. my daughter collects so many on our walks.

ps// happy new year!


do lakes not round stones properly? i guess i've never looked that closely but i live right on lake ontario in toronto and would be happy to poke around.

failing that, i certainly have some nice rocks that i was planning on getting rid of at the trunk show. they are not all quite what you have asked for but maybe something will strike you as interesting for different reasons. you can have first refusal on the day of the show.


I just discovered you through CO. I just love finding incredibly creative and talented people like you. And like you, I'm a big Elsa Mora fan! Great stuff here.


I love your stones. I live close to Lake Michigan and have been known to pick up smaller stones on my beach walks. I can certainly look for some larger ones and would be happy to send some to you if you email me your mailing address.


Margie, same problem as other people above - quite far to send stones from New Zealand to Canada. But will do for at least a few as I very much like the idea! Contact me via email. This will be fun!


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