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December 27, 2008


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I saw that comment and rolled my eyes. Some people just have to be rude.

We usually leave our decorations up for a long while but this year the tree's already down because the newer cats won't leave it alone. Everything at your place looks so festive and lovely.


I like your snail friends in their sweaters - they're dear (and they bring snails to our attention - if you want to think of it that way).


Lovely photos. We try to make it last forever here, too. And I love how you calmly call out nasty commenters.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I love how your home is decorated. It feels cozy and cheerful. We are keeping our decorations up for a bit longer, also. We didn't get them out very soon, so I'm not ready to put them away yet.

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh Margie.....these are all just so lovely. So lovely my dear! No wonder you want to make it last and last. Christmas at your house looks so very special. Thank you for sharing these with us and as far as those nay-sayers go...pay them no mind whatsoever. Some folks just don't get it and I am willing to bet that no snail has ever been treated so well as this little one was in your gentle hands. Merry, Merry Christmas sweetie!

barb jensen

These photographs are just lovely! I like the way you used star fruit, the table looks so festive!


Don't worry we'll keep our tree til the 6th of january. (3 kings day) I love christmas and the special ornaments we make each year. The house feels so naked when we take everything down.


I love your work, especially the snails. Please keep sharing with us.


The 12 days of Christmas *begin* on Christmas. So that means there's lots of merry making to be had yet! No need to rush. It's time to relax, enjoy and breath... just as your photos tell us. Thanks for sharing all that goodness! It's absolutely wonderful! :)


Very festive images. I can see why you want to hold on to them. I hope that one comment isn't spoiling the many, many apreciative comments, and that you'll continue to share your snail photos. I think it is sweet that you took time to knit a tiny cozy for a snail!


What a beautiful Christmas table and tree. I really love the fruit bowls with the star fruit slices and your collection of Matryoshka dolls. Lovely, lovely!

Melissa R

I have to admit that I am ready to take down all signs of Christmas. I put so much energy and time into the holidays but when it's done, I just want my normalcy back. But this year my in-laws are not coming until next weekend, so I have to leave it all up, like it or not.


I just wanted to let you know how much we love your blog. The snail pictures just totally made my day. My 5 year old daugther was completely enchanted by the idea of a snail that had dressed up for the holidays!


Marissa and Mia


We keep Christmas til the longest it can go, otherwise it's this tremendous build up of excitement and expectation and *poof* over in just one day. No thanks. In my bloggy corner of the world, my community is always so kind and supportive and so I am always a little taken aback by snarky comments. Haters, as my teenage son would say.


don't know if you saw but your little snail buddy is on cuteoverload.com and they all had wonderful things to say about his sweater! i've never posted a comment here before but i just wanted to thank you for inspiring me so. any time im having a bad day or need a little creative inspiration i wander over and look through your archive. your work and the way your mind works is beautiful. you honestly have changed the way i see patterns and colors when im observing my everyday life. again thanks and i hope you have a wonderful new years.


I am in Awe I love the snailio action . and your beautiful spirit and creativity show through in your art and your writing HAppy holidays to you .. Thank you for sharing this with the world.


great photos! I look forward to next year when I can get things arranged properly rather than my this year's chaotic "where are the Xmas ornament boxes" scenario I had from moving ... sigh. But I saw all your matryoshka's on a mantle piece -- wonderful! We lived in Russia twice; you do get "overload" but I did manage to keep a few. When I get my sewing room set up I'll have to take a photo... how did you come by all of them?

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