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December 28, 2008


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I'm just catching up! So glad I read all of the wonderful and enthusiastic comments over at Cute Overload before heading to Craft! I can't say that I have taken for granted your snail love (and genius snail tailoring), but it has become familiar... so it was so fun to hear the thrilled comments from first-time viewers! I knew you were hoping for stow-away snail... so glad she made it safely in! Your Christmas looks as magical as I had thought it might. Although, your daughters' fruit art was a wonderful and unexpected surprise! Merry, Merry!

painted fish studio

i love your snail story! i wish we had little guys like that hanging out in our gardens...


How sweet! Snails are awesome anyway, but snails in Christmas hats are even better, it seems. Happy Holidays, and best wishes for 2009!


Don't believe I can look to a snail anymore without remembering these lovely, sweet pictures.

Thanks for creating a happy thought.


Joan Gutierrez

Your stowaway snail was the highlight of my Holiday. The photographs are so enchanting. Thank you so much.

Denise Leavens

I think snails respond to your love of them and this one WANTED to come inside to spend the winter with you!

Merry Christmas!

Denise Leavens
The Nana Beast


Will the snail last all winter in your home? What do snail's eat? Will you have to feed her?


I loved your snail pictures and was waiting anxiously for the snail story. Thanks for sharing:)


The world is truly a small small space..

I happen to be one of those who has to have their daily dose of Cute Overload and I've smiled while going "aaawww" over the cute snailio iglesias having no idea it was yours..

So a minute ago I was over at Camilla Engman's lovely blog and she was referring to your beautiful and marvelous idea of the froce lace doilies..

I love the idea and decide to check out more (chances are when someone this creative in one post, there are more creativity around the corner)..

Low and behold, you're the one responsible for the cute snail-house-warmer!! What are the odds?

I'm so glad I found your blog and thank you for sharing your ideas!

Have a wonderful 2009!


I just saw it on cuteoverload earlier today! I love that site, so cute!


Completely adorable!

Karen Salva

I have kept you on my reader since I found you and saw this cute snail the other day and thought it would be perfect for Cuteoverload...my 5 year old loves that sight! These really are some of the best pictures to make one smile I have seen in a long time!

(I also thought of your work when I found an ornament my sister made years ago wrapped in crocheted beauty)


Gorgeous blog.
I really enjoyed your Snalio Iglesias!
We need more of this kind of innocent happiness in the world right now.
Thank you and Happy New Year!


very, very goog!
Happy new year


Neatorama also snagged the photo from cuteoverload! Your adorable snail is getting lots of attention!



How is the snail going to survive until spring? Do you put him/her in an aquarium?
The pics of the snail investigating the ducky are priceless.
Please update us on the snail's progress!

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