December 12, 2008


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mmmm....! I haven't had breakfast
yet so these photos are torture!
I love the snails! Very cute!
And the mushrooms!!! Wow~ the
sweets look amazing!
It was a feast for the eyes!
Thank you.


YOu are definitely right about how the French view their food. I have developed a whole new perspective since I moved here and I love it. I used to have so many snacky and packaged foods in my kitchen that I really thought I couldn't live without. It just isn't done that way here. I much prefer their form of indulgence of a nice relaxed four hour meal with wonderful dishes made from fresh ingredients served at a slow pace, then the American one of a Big Mac, fries and a shake *hehe*

Renee Garner

all the beautiful pictures and experiences were immediately erased with the thought of your shop update tomorrow! I can't wait!

michele (Maryland)

Margaret: how could you ever fly back to the snow??! Oh, just to live with so much "fresh" would be wonderful.
I am somewhat of a "new" reader, would you share why your husband is in France? Have a wonderful weekend.


Well, I hope you came home with one of those adorable snails! Too cute.

What's it going to take to get the North American markets up to European standards??? We have every bit as wonderful a bounty, and it would seem that the consumers exist. One of these days, maybe...

What a nice trip you must of had.


After looking at all your wonderful pictures, I really wonder how it is that my friend from Lyon is so thin!


you just made me so hungry. i think i'll go to the Belly to celebrate surviving the first week of exams with a pint of christmas spice porter ;) i hope you wait for me to decorate!


OOOhhh, look at all that wonderful food. When I spent a semester in Vienna when I was in college, I gained at least 10 pounds due to the abundance of excellent food. I wish we had such abundance more easily accessible here.

What were those snails made of?


Oh Lord! you photos made me so hungry...the cheese!!! :)


An abundance of mouthwatering photos as well...

Have a great weekend...

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