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January 07, 2009


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isabel f.

hi Margaret :D
hugs Isabel


Maybe beans?

I guess.



peas in a pod

Anne Loiseau

I guess cosy like peas in a pod, no?


I think it is three peas in a pod. Very sweet.


It could be the seeds in a flower...


Something from the sea, that makes its home in a tidepool. This is what the colors bring to mind, anyhow.


cells dividing?
whatever it is, it's very pretty.


Definitely peas in a pod!


Beans in a pod? First I thought peas, but they are the wrong color. Hmmmm.....


SWEET peas in a pod ?
They look cute, in any case !
x x x


peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, pink peas in a pod three days old!


Three remaining winter berries in a leaf boat ready to head down the river with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Indeed, it is... isn't it?


Something germined... maybe peanuts? :)


Looks to me like scarlet runner beans in a pod. They have lovely little flowers and would be a welcome change right now.


Flowers in a basket? It's lovely!


Is it a seed pod from a sweet pea flower?


Yes, I agree with the others. It's some sort of beans in a pod. The purple part is the tiny plant tip poking out of the cotyledon.


Peas in a pod is what I see at the moment.

Kristin L

Three sprouted edamame (soy bean) in a pod.


i say 3 peas in a pod :)

Emma Someone

To me, it looks like a cell with the internal workings (mitochondria etc) shown... I think it's because the cell wall is pretty and highlighted as being permeable, as the chain is fairly open and loose.


Oh ! I love Lisa's answer ! So very cute !

>> peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, pink peas in a pod three days old!

But I hope mine's the correct one ! (I still can dream, can't I ?)

x x x

Monika Aebischer

I just saw this on a blog today, but now can't find which one.. but it was children being surprised to find red beans inside a green pod. Then again, your "pod" is not quite long and flat enough, maybe it's just a mind-memory game my brain is playing with me...


I would say Louisiana peas in a pod.


My daughter just collected a bunch of black locust seed pods that look just like this! That's my guess!


Could it be the inside of a Sword Bean pod (C. gliadata)? I don't think they are ever that short, though.... Maybe a young pod from a Texas Mountain Laurel? I've got seeds on the brain...


Ooops! Forgot to say in my post above that the seeds (if that is what they are!) have begun germinating.


The Jumblies going to sea in a pod instead of a sieve!
Triplets floating downstream in a basket, quick the bullrushes must save them!
I know little about seeds and wrote down the first things that popped into my head!


A map of the world. An old one. Seas between lands. Green leaves stretching out. Seaweed. Golden green algae.
The "pod" could be a chlorplast - it's greeen. I don't know what are the pink and purple things inside.
And what are the dark crumbs strewn on the map? Nori, kelp?
I'll have to think some more ;)


Two things came to my mind. Like many I couldn't resist immediately thinking three peas in a pod. But then I let my imagination roam free and found it remembering coming upon a scattering of lilly pilly fruit nestled into fallen leaves on a sub-tropical Queensland rainforest floor once. This has got to be it!

(Just in case it isn't, here's what I'm talking about: http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/lilly_pilly.htm)


my kids are saying peas in a pod and a three leaf clover. My first thought was cell division, but that doesn't seem right. i cannot wait to see the answer!

Hayley Miller

edamame! or rather pink edamame...



In your post on the 8th you show an embroidary that says, "Trees that grow hearts." I think this is a seed pod from a tree and three little hearts are inside waiting to spring up through the rich soil in which they were planted.

Seeds are a symbol of hope, renewal and strength... a miracle of nature. A person's heart is the same. It bounces back with the smallest of hope, tended by the rich earth of faith and grows to love again.


Pejnolan's thoughts as to what this is are beautiful! Are they bleeding heart seeds in their pod?

Elsa Mora

Well Margie, the question has already been answered in another post but i want to say that this tiny creation is just delicious! It is amazing how the most simple little things can bring a smile to our face :)
Love it!!!
Elsi :)

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