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January 04, 2009


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Lou Lou & Oscar

Thank you so much Margie for choosing the brilliant Nicole today. I am learning so much from this series of interviews and did indeed get up at 5am just to read all about Astulabee-worth every second of grogginess later in the day! X


Thanks for letting me meet Nicole. Her pink bird is simply too cute. Now I have to check out her blog to satisfy my curiosity.


Petite Ace of Spades

Nicole is the sweetest : utterly talented, funny, over modest and, last but NOT LEAST, super generous.

(She's also very pretty but shhh don't tell her ! She doesn't want it to be said ! *winkwink*)

Thank you for that nice interview and, by the way, I love your blog !

x x x

Ashley Anna Brown

This interview series is so wonderful Margie! I loved reading about Nicole. It has been great watching her very quickly become one of the greatest plush artists on the web! And she's so so sweet!

I'm very excited to see who you interview next!

Your Secret Admiral

What a great interview with a most wonderful artist! I am a big fan of Astulabee's work and I loved having this extra glimpse into her creative process.


wow, nicole is one of my all-time faves and this interview just wonderful. and i love this blog and all your creations too! happy 2009...

skunkboy creatures

I'm in agreement... this was a lovely interview with a lovely plush-making lady (among other things). I am the proud owner of my very own woodland creature, and he is even more beautiful in person!


Wonderful interview, I love the pink bird softie! It's absolutely gorgeous.


Margie, I'm loving this series of posts about artists I admire. You ask the most thoughtful questions, and I'm learning so much. It's truly an inspiring way to start the new year!


I voted for Astulabee's bunny in the 2nd Annual Softies Awards and have been smitten with her creatures ever since! Thank you for sharing Nicole in such a wonderful way! I love everything she creates and all from her bed! How amazing is that?!

Elsa Mora

Oh Nicole!
Your characters are soooo sweet and real. Real meaning that they transmit me real energy, like when something is alive. Your hands are amazing and I am so grateful for your creations!
Thank you so much for this interview!
Elsita :)

Tiffany Marshal

The birds look fantastic in my opinion. I also love the doll and the raindeer. It`s a raindeer right?

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