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January 05, 2009


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i'm in awe at all this amazingness... love the TS Elliot stitched poem and Cathy's style. thanks for doing this interview and sharing with us :)

Lou Lou & Oscar

Thank you so much Cathy for being so open in sharing your thoughts, experiences and sublime work with us. It is amazing how many people I have come across who have found the way to amazing creativity and self expression via their art/craft during difficult periods in their lives. I am so looking forward to seeing what 2009 has in store for Cathy creatively, the collaborative projects have piqued my interest immensely! X


Looking forward to tomorrow's - I can't guess.

This was wonderful - strange how out of times of adversity great art can come....


A monthly exchange of hand dyed yarn? Sounds fun!

I do a monthly handmade card exchange and crafts swaps @ mothering.com & flickr.

Craft swaps are great, maybe you'd like to host a craft swap here on your blog?

Melissa Brown

Oh my, oh my....I didn't think it was possible for me to love Cathy's work more but...I do! I loved hearing her personal journey and it makes her work even more beautiful to me. Those dolls, that bracelet, that little bunny in yellow(swoon) Thank you Margie for this fantastic interview and thank you Cathy for your beautiful work.
ps this series is so great Margie!


oh ... I'm nearly teary eyed from such an exquisite interview! Cathy, I've long admired your work and even more so now. Margie, I'm forever grateful for your putting together this series. What a wonderful way to start the year!


thank you for this great interview! I love Cathy┬┤s distinctive style very much!


I don't know where to begin in my gushing. Margie, you are a treasure to have formed these amazing friendships and nurtured such deep, creative connections in such a short time. These artists obviously love and trust you enough to offer the best of themselves. And Cathy's thoughtful answers just strengthen my great regard for her work. If I could, I would fill my working spaces with her art.

Michala (kayla coo)

I have very much enjoyed reading your interview with Cathy.X


Thanks for the interview. Especially liked the part about the poem because it is something I'm already researching to find out how to do that with my techniques.



Starting off the year with inspiration from truly creative people. Wonderful! I wonder what the TS Elliot poem is... as a former English grad student I'm smitten with the idea.

treading earth

What a great interview, it's been a real encouragement to me as I a at the beginning and getting through the same situation.


How interesting to find out what makes Cathy tick. Thank you.


I came across this interview via Cathy's blog and it's wonderful to gain an insight into other artist's creative motives. It's a great way to share :)

Gunnel Svensson

I love to read this about Cathy !! I admir her work so much, and she is a so nice women, and to read more about her was bery intereseting!I looking forward to see more great work 2009!


Loved all the interviews and I really LOVE your blog - such a cozy place to be. You can be sure I will be back to explore some more. Thanks so much for being here!

All the best, Diana ;)

Beverly Kaye

Those dear little people with the button feet stole my heart! BTW I started a second blog this week and encourage anyone who has the inclination to do the same. Be sure to submit it to as many search engines as possible. Carpe Diem.


All of Cathy's work has such depth, even her whimsical pieces. I was already very impressed and drawn to her art through flickr (we share some favorites, I guess!). Hearing about her process and how her creative voice emerged has really brought my admiration to a new level!

Elsa Mora

Cathy's work is so amazing, so full subtle feelings. I am so glad that I can read this interview and learn more about her. You're definitely a remarkable person Kathy and I am sure that no matter what life brings to you, you're always going to be in a good place. Your creativity is a gift in your life and your work is a gift for all of us out here.
Thank you sooo much for letting your hands talk :)
Elsita :)


Thank you to everyone for reading the interview and for your kind words. A special thank you to Margie, of course:) Your interview series has certainly proved to be an inspiring success:)

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