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January 09, 2009


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Geninne's work is so beautiful I barely have words... me, the long winded commenter! Well, maybe a few. Thank you Geninne for sharing your gift with the world... you've touched so many.

Margie, please don't let this end! I do miss YOU and seeing what your week is about, so thank you for keeping us up to date on flickr. I'm so intrigued by your clues for tomorrow...


I am going to leave you to immerse myself in Gennine's blog but thank you Margie for what you are doing for us all here!


Hi Marggie, I'm one of the many readers of Maya, so I thought I'd leave a comment here too, you are so right about delurking, that's the one thing to do ! :) So here I am.
Thank you so very much for interviewing so many & such talented ladies these past days, you have shared a lot of love doing this, there are so many talented people on the net & we can not be aware of the existence of all of them. Of course I knew some of them already but knowing more about what they do, how they get inspired, and even more about themselves, is really priceless !! Maya & Geninne are both highly inspirational to me. They are so gifted & make the world be a better & sweeter place.
Have an awesome day today ! :) Best wishes !


i popped over from tiny happy and i'm so glad i did. these inspiration posts are really, really inspiring!


i'm guessing a tiny book of birds :) which have been on my wishlist for some time, by the way. i'm the happy owner of two of geninnes beautiful bird prints.


This is one touching interview ...
x x x


Amazing talent!


I've fallen even more in love with Geninne's work after this interview, if that were possible. You've included some images of hers that I hadn't seen before, and they just fill me with joy. I wasn't quick enough to snag one of her tiny books, so I hope that's one more thing that Geninne will continue to make in 2009!


Thank you Margie, you are so sweet and generous. I am so blessed to have you as a friend :)


I completely agree with the comments you added at the bottom! In fact, YOU introduced me to Geninne's blog, which has definitely become a favourite :)

Now, since I think you are also very talented, I have given you the One Lovely Blog award :)
You can get the information from my post here:


Oh, this is just--stunning. I want to dive into Geninne's world--now must run off to her etsy shop to drool...


She is one of my favorite artists right now! I just go to her site and etsy store and just look at the pictures :) I love the birds!
I keep dropping (heavy) hints to my husband that these would be great gifts for me ;) Thanks for interview and thank you for your wonderful site!


Thanks for the interview with Geninne. She is one of my favorite blogging artists. She is so inspiring. Also thanks for reminding us to leave comments when we visit a blog. I've been really lazy about that the last few weeks. I love reading new comments. I should return the favor.

Elsa Mora

Please Geninne,
Count me as one of your fans! I absolutely adore your work and your personality, you are a very special person and artist. Looking at your creations is such a gift. I remember running to purchasing one of your tiny books but I was too late :( I was sad because I dreamed with having one of them in my studio but I am so happy that I can see pictures of it on the internet :) I would consider myself lucky if I can see your studio in person one day.
Big hug to you and thank you so much Margie for the interview!!!!
elsita :)


OMG, I would soooo go beach-combing with two of you... mmm Geninne is great, I'm a big fan of hers :)

Vivienne Strauss

incredible, beautiful work! thank you Margie for introducing Geninne to those of us who didn't know her work!

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My grandmother is an expert making similar Crafts, I think that the images that you share are really beautiful!! I feel so happy with the information!22dd

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